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    Gay Warrior photos

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    The dance emote hasn't been funny since... ever.

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    I hate the warrior dance. I cannot stand to even see it on my screen. Why anyone would want to do it is way beyond my comprehension. I did see some mesmers doing a jig once and it was actually pretty funny. I started typing lyrics to hoe down songs and it was a good time.

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    I Agree, I useally do /Guitar or /Drums emote with my warrior, but if Im really bored I type "I Got Gay Disco Fever!" and do the /dance emote :happy34:
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    Dude what are you talking about? Thats not gay...thats PIMP! :happy14:

    I wish they would put more dance emotes in though. Like at least 3 for each gender in each class. That would be the best. :happy34:

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    Quote Originally Posted by TW III
    The dance emote hasn't been funny since... ever.
    Hey now, don't be such a negative nancy. I thought it was funny the first 3-4 times I did. The Ele dance is alot more comical if you ask me, he just bobs up and down for a while.

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    LOL. Nice screenie. I can almost imagine "Macho Man" (YMCA) playing in the background.

    I love my Warrior's dance. It's funny. No one else gets to do the Pelvic Thrust of Dooooom.

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    lol tribo... well only filipinos would think of doing that :)

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    lol we sing with it too... just kidding

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    I think they should have an /dance sub-emote called /variation. When typing that in, your character will then do a well-known ballet variation depending on whether they're men or women, and thier class. Ex: the male mesmer could do the Bluebird variation from Sleeping Beauty. The female elementaist could have the Sugar Plum Fairy's variation from The Nutcracker all to her own. OOO, and if you get a male and female of the same class in close proximity to each other and both type /pasdedeux, they both break out into a random gran pas de deux! I think thats an awesome idea...

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