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    Gwen's Flute and Tattered Girl's Cape (post-searing)

    Has anyone else found these two items? The flute is just like pre-searing, and the cape is a 100-armor salvage item that is not salvageable. Just wondering if there's actually a use for these...like if Gwen is alive somewhere...

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    I've found the flute, the tattered cape however, I haven't seen. I think the flute is just there to give us a little reminder of pre-searing. *shrug* Or it may be part of a quest we haven't been treated to yet.

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    Not a clue. But the flute is a nice inventory divider! :happy34:

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    I haven't found the (post-searing) flute, but I've got the tattered girls cape in my stash. I was quite surprised when a bog skale dropped it. No idea if its of any use, though.

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    I found the flute myself and i heard of the cape. My only idea is to show them to the ghost Sarah in the underworld. She says she had a little girl. And Gwen previously mentioned her mothers name was Sarah.
    Just clutching at straws though. Would be nice if that line of the story was finished and polished up at some point.

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    I have also found both the flute and the tattered girl's cape...and no use. Has anyone found Sarah in the UW? I haven't yet...
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    Sarah is one of the ghosts standing around you when you first enter the Underworld. I've tried bringing in the broken flute, tattered cape, and even the tapestry shred. And when I talked to Sarah.... Nothing happened

    Either there's something or someone else that needs to be found, or this stuff doesn't work properly yet, or maybe these items are actually useless.

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    I had the tattered cape, broken flute, and the tapestry shred. Talked to sarah and nothing still.

    you get the tapestry shred from gwen by giving her the cape/flute in pre.

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    I use Gwen's Broken Flute as my off hand weapon, if that counts.

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    I have never seen the tattered girls cape... is that new? if so maybe they are finaly starting to work on the broken quest (I meerly asume it is a broken quest)

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