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    Farming. A solution or THE solution?

    OK, time for my two pence.

    I have finsihed the game twice with completely different builds and have got a third character exploring pre-sear. I really love the PvE game, but now having played through it about six times its getting a little stale.

    I just managed to buy my guild a sigil, and have 27K in the bank. I did this by selling every single crafting material I came across. I have a full set of minor runes in each of my two characters' droknors' armour.

    I have changed profession on my warrior from necro to monk, as it was necessary to keep myself alive through the last few islands. and oddly, I have been enjoying the Wa/Mo playability. My primary is a ranger/ele, soon to change to R/Ne

    I have logged about 350 hours of PvE

    Now I'm nearly done with PvE and want to start playing PvP and GvG a lot more... but I still need to unlock runes for my characters, and of course, money so I can buy the 15K armour sets- If I can't farm... what CAN I do? is it suddenly LAW that I have to delete my characters and start again from scratch because Anet "balanced" the game? Thats Bloody unfair, plus it would be extremely tedious. I think the only solution is something that has already been touched upon in another proposed addition to guild halls... the "wave" attack of monsters game type for guild members- to be customisable monsters and amounts set by the gild leader... Although they DO need to give XP and drops. There is a distinct lack of guild activities in general. This focussed farming would be excellent fun- especially if mob spawn locations were random around your guild hall, and it made you learn your hall inside out for GvG home matches.

    Money in this game exists to make things fun and purchaseable. Limiting availability of anything.. being that a "rare" superior rune or simply cash is a stupid idea. Talk of an "economy" where money becomes worth nothing, is pure stupidity- the money IS IMAGINARY! In time, everyone who plays as much as I do will have 1,000,000 maximum in the bank. the fact is simply that there is nothing really good to spend it on.

    the more limitations imposed, the more farming spots nerfed = the MORE farming people are FORCED to do to get the stuff they want for PvP, and I can finally SEE that arguement...

    While I was a dedicated PvE'er thinking that I would be able to get one up on the PvP competition by playing the game to completion, and unlocking all my runes, and being a bit narked that PvP'ers seemed to get everything by default on a plate, Now I see that perhaps it wasn't so clear cut. I've finished the PvE quests, explored nearly every square inch of the map, (twice) I've played more hours on this game in a month than I would usually play in a year, and I STILL only got about 5% further (towards getting the best weapons and runes), after finishing the game, than I would have by starting a premade...

    Now I must admit that playing through the game unlocks about 80% of everything you want for pvp, but it seriously is not enough for a lot of people. I really enjoy the difficulty of capturing a skill I want to try in PvP by going back to PvE, and hunting some evil monster.. hehe. But RUNES and cash is another story.

    This game does seem heavily biased towards PvP, which in itself is not a bad thing, and while I have previously been advocating the PvE'ers rights, now I'm on the other foot, I can truly see the PvP'ers frustrations at a game that forces you to farm to unlock the very best of equipment. That in itself is not a truly bad thing- but what IS bad, is removing the players ability to farm things if they really want. In a game that doesn't spawn monsters once in an instance, there has to be some way for players to get to a state where they might be able to farm an easily accessable spot (feeling achievement when they find something they want) and taking it away solves nothing. In fact- I really think nerfing farming locations is more likely to drive people away from the game if farming is what they want to do, or feel the need to do before playing PvP.

    the other thing is that this excess of money is a GOOD thing- would it not FEEL nice to HAVE tons of cash?

    oh... and I have had four superior runes unlocked so far.. ALL of which failed to salvage. WTF am I supposed to do to GET the bloody runes I need for my PvE characters??? I'll tell you- FARM to get more runes, or FARM to make money to BUY the runes from other players. What makes it worse is the areas I farmed for these runes are now nerfed, and I can't farm anywhere i know any more.

    OK, last summing up chunk to wall of text...

    Farming is something some people enjoy doing. Some people will always farm, no matter how much Anet nerfs things. The solution is to create a customisable farming location for high level players who want to accellerate their "stuff" aquisition in PvP- like a "wave attack" game in Guild halls.

    It would make PvE'ers happy- (something to do in the guild hall other than GvG)

    It would make the PvP'ers happy- (somewhere to finally GET the runes and stuff if they work hard for it)

    It would even make the Devs happy- because the two factions in the community are not going to continue *****ing and whining about the balancing alterations you make to the ingame mobs, when they can easily farm them in their guild hall...

    You could even have unlockable mobs (as previosly suggested by someone else) and that could be implemented by having to skill capture from the boss of the mob type that you want to add to the list of mobs you can play against. I think there is a boss mob of every type in the game, and if not, you can stuff some down in the underworld, or out in the explorable areas- like the bone dragon out in majestys rest.

    All you'd need to do was to make perfect weapons drop with the 10th wave of mobs, major runes with the 15th, and superiors with the 25th wave- vs maybe 25 mobs spawning on the map in multiple locations. It shouldn't be IMPOSSIBLE either- and some level of difficulty customisability on behalf of the leader should be in place too.

    Either that, or simply allow the leader to choose the number, type and level of mob to face in the guild hall (perhaps with up to three different types of mobs to choose from- some which may be hostile to each other, because THAT would be truly hilarious, and make for countless hours of sitting by the campfire, placing wagers on whether the skelton knights are gonna whup the arse of the mursaat, 5 on 2)(and the type of mob could denote the type of drop- as already set by the game parameters)

    Why not? considering the enormity of the latest update- to program in this guild functionality would be a small task by comparison that aids in your efforts to balance the game

    Why not?

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    this is not a bad idea.
    Tiyuri recommended using the invasion...
    But having runes and stuff for PvPers to get...
    Is a really good idea.

    I also like the betting on monsters idea...
    Having them fight each other for the hell of it...

    This eliminates the grind that PvPers are so avidly against.
    Maybe a rune sequence like this.

    Minor = every 5 levels
    Major = every 10 levels
    Superior = every 20 levels

    This eliminates the grind, while still allowing them to have fun.
    Congrats, but I think that Tiyuri's invasion idea...
    Should definitely get through, even without this stuff...

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    yup already suggested something like that, perhaps you want to add your ideas/support etc to this thread


    because i've linked the devs to it.

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    I know you've suggested it.
    And that all of us from that thread, recommended that you send it to ArenaNet.
    Which you claim to have done, but maybe not the right spot...

    But I like this rune idea, for those PvPers who enjoy complaining.

    Thats why I credited you.
    Great idea Tiyuri, good improvement Lucille.
    It doesn't matter as much to me, I am not too fond of PvP.

    I like Tiyuri's idea. A lot.

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    thankys tiyuri for not flaming me instantly- I wasn't trying to steal your ideas- simply expand upon them. I think you wanted no xp or drops from the mobs, and hadn't really thought much about structure of how it might work.

    About half my post is about other stuff and half about the wave attack game type. I'll post a shortened version on your thread as well though.. cheers.

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    I ABSOLUTELY agree with your general points. After this last nerf, I litterally almost quit the game. I spent 30 hours playing a monk, healing people in pve and getting yelled at by dozens of ignorant and obnoxious noobs just so that I could get a build for farming flesh golems, and an hour before I was done they killed the farming spot. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

    I don't know about your solution (although it does sound promising), but I am definitely a person who absolutely has to have all the uber rare items in a game to feel satisifed with his characters. I didn't even pvp a single time in retail until I got 15k armor for my wo/mo, two super runes, an eternal shield, and a ridiculous sword. After I saw the gear that pvp players get for spending two minutes in character creation, I almost threw up. If this mistreatment of people like me continues, I'm definitely quitting and never coming back.

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    Wasnt about credit mate :P Just wanted to keep all relative comments in one thread so they arnt missed, i got a reply from ANet saying thank you for your opinion - but it seems they didnt really even read my submission because IN the post I talked about posting it on forums, and his reply was "why dont you try posting on some forums, blablabla"

    As for the rune idea, being able to just create waves to farm kinda makes things a little 'cheap' in my opinion, i mean there will be some people who will just sit there for hours and hours farming waves, that sucks. The waves should get harder and harder until you die, a fun minigame, played for minigame specific points, not to rectify any of the other problems the game may have.

    anyway thats my opinion :P
    But yea lets try and keep things in one thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiyuri
    but it seems they didnt really even read my submission because IN the post I talked about posting it on forums, and his reply was "why dont you try posting on some forums, blablabla"
    Could this be... that Arenanet have a subtle way of sending back preformated answers that look like they've been made for you?
    *shivers to the thought*
    Because... I think everytime I've read a post by someone reporting an answer from them, it had that line in it. "Post on fansites forums". And in your case it sort of fell flat since that's precisely what you told them you had done. Hum...

    Call me a paranoid, but I don't like this. >_<

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    Do you guys really think ArenaNet wants you to play Guild Wars after you have bought it? They could invest in developer's salaries in order for you to play longer and use their bandwidth, or they could pay the developers less and save on bandwidth costs. It would be different if they charged a monthly fee.

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    how about if we dont continue to play guildwars, we wont buy the expansions?

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