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    A Different Concept of a N/R

    Hello, I got this game only a few days ago and I have been playing around with a Rang/Necro (8th Season). I originally was planning to mainly use the Ranger skills with a curse or two from the necro side.


    After mucking around, I noticed I really enjoyed using the Necromantic skills more so than my ranger skills (Spamming Ignite Arrows and Dual shot got boring real quick).

    So I looked around on the forums for some Nec/Rang concepts but I only found pet-based or minion-based builds.

    As for myself, I am not interested in those builds. I will probably use bone minions as a secondary skill. It will NOT be the focus of my playstyle.

    I was thinking that I would use my Necromancer as a support character - cursing, maiming my enemies so that my party will have an easier time.

    Im having a difficult time deciding on a secondary. I was thinking that by having a Ranger secondary I will: (1) Increase survivabilty - Dryder's Defense and (2) Further my abilty to prevent - choking gas.

    However, I am new to this game so I would really like to have the input of others on such a thought.

    Magnus Kasull

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    On a purely PvP basis (I find the only ranger skill I use when PvEing is Unguent, or Dodge/Stormchaser when I'm doing a run):

    Traps are pretty good if you have a team that can use them correctly. There's nothing more agonizing than spending 35 mana on traps (Barbed and Dust trap for me, I'd use spiked trap but it's leet and I'm already using life transfer) and then having them do nothing.

    But when they work, they're really good. I'll let one enemy trip a trap, cast Awaken the Blood, then Life Siphon and Life Transfer on him (10 degen/regen for me because I've got blood maxed out), then finish him off with some lifesuck spells - Vampiric Gaze and Barbed signet are what I use because I tend to run out of energy right before the first guy dies. If he gets targeted by a monk enchant while I'm doing this, I use Strip Enchantment to eat it off of him. It works pretty well against tanks, and it's a great way to distract a monk (especially when you're using mark of subversion).

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