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Thread: Ultimate Combo

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnemehtuAnadroJ
    i can never decide on one character i would like help on wut primary and 2ndary classes i should choose and i would like a build for it and if u can tell me a pre searing build im tired of reading bout skills i never heard of

    If you look for a build/combo try them out,
    Or read about them in the Threads which discuss them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunt3r_kill4
    There is no "ultimate combination". Each class and cominations have their own weakness and strengths. I garuntee you, there will be a counter for each and every build.

    I toataly agree whith you but i gess he asked for good combo not sothing unbetable...Guild Wars doesnt have any it is like chess...So My brand new Combo cald Inner Fire...
    Zealot's Fire+"Fear Me"+Riposte+"Watch Yourself!"+Flurry = ~120dmg each 5 sek along whith that your weapon comes handy whith something like Balanced Stance + Desperation Blow or Harmstring and Savege Slash...I'm now useing eather Hundered Blades or Skull Crack also "To The Limit!" could be helphull...or "For Great Justice!" ...I have plenty more but they are in development...
    To Hunt3r_kill4: Plz i TOATALY agree whith you..That why help me convince People that Tactic as good as Strengh and Sword=Axe=Hummer and other abvios things...
    May the light be whith all of you!!!!! :)
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    There is no "Ultimate Combo". There will be a class combo, or several class combos, that suit _your_ style of play. The only ways to find them are: a) read what other people say; then b) try it out; and if it doesn't feel right c) try something else.

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    Totally agree that there is no Ultimate Combo. I have four characters that I use depending on what my mood is and what the party needs at that time. I have a W/Mo (more setup for DPS than tanking), N/Mo, E/Mo and a R/Me. I like having monk for a secondary as I do not want to totally depend on someone else for healing.

    For the E/Mo I like to use Essense Bond, Fire Attunement, Glyph of Lesser Energy. I put Essense Bond and some of the tanks when doing a mission that way I get a constant supply of energy comming my way in a battle. Very nice combo for max DPS for a AoE. I use Firestorm, Meteor Shower, Phoenix for high DPS and coverage area. Then throw into that mix Incendiary Bonds. Makes for a very fast kill of large numbers of creatures.

    My N/Mo is a minion master. R/Me is a shut-down/trapper.

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    I started as a warrior, looking to have some fun in RPG, not thinking about PvP at all. the warrior, of course worked out great and i was struggling to decide on a secondary prof. i wanted elementalist but screwed up and chose mesmer by clicking the wrong choice. at the beginning of the game, the mesmer half doesn't come in handy too much for a warrior aside from Distortion, but MUCH later in the game, after the Maguuma Jungle section, mesmer skills show their use. i have an e/mo too and i'm very confident that my w/me could destroy him. I'm fairly new to Pvp, so please let me know if you find anything wrong or any improvements upon my skill set:

    (1)Resurrection Signet (2) Healing Signet (3)Empathy/Conjure Phantasm/Phantom Pain (4)Backfire/Illusionary Weaponry (5)Galrath Slash (6)Final Thrust (7)Deadly Riposte (8)Illusion of Weakness

    I of course have RoS Swordsmanship on and my swordsmanship usually around 13 with tactics at about 9 and the rest of my att. points spent on either Domination or Illusion Magic.

    This is a really great build, i can get tons of damage against mage with backfire and conjure phantasm's DoT as well as ward off warriors with conjure phantasm and deadly riposte. the attacks and illusion of weakness are great, but of course, i do not gain adrenaline with illusionary weaponry, and of course illusion of weakness is just awesome. I'm always looking for a good team in the arenas or ToPK, whisper me at Captain Boxman, I'm learning and always cooperate, especially with great leaders, thanks in advance for good advice.
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