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    Top 5 Mesmer Skills?

    Hi, Changed my second profession to Mesmer from warrior wandering what the top 5 spells are as it wiped my skill points so I have a limited number to spend.


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    If you mean Top 5 as the best, there is no best, each skill has its own rate of value depending on what build you are.

    If you mean Top 5 most used, you might want to start a poll for that one.

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    empathy and backfire(v high cost tho) are awsome
    chaos storm is nice(if ur fighting another warior this will make them unable to use energy based skills but the cost is a bit high)
    what i used on my warior was backfire empathy and shatter delusion
    and also it is better to switch the off hand item to something with +energy

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    Thanks for that just wondered what 5 skills are always in your armory. Like as a Fire ele I always have,

    1, Firestorm
    2, Meteor Shower
    3, Phoenix
    4, Fireball

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    A lot of mesmers use empathy, backfire, ether feast, conjure phantasm and chaos storm.
    There is a reason why a lot of em use those..

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoUsE_WiZ's Avatar

    Energy Tap
    Energy Drain
    Arcane Echo
    Chaos Storm

    Not necessarily the best Mesmer skills, but I think those would be the best candidates to support your ele in PvE.
    I'd say Arcane Echo and/or Echo are the ones you should definitely look into. Each of them will net you one more Firestorm or Meteor Shower during a fight, Arcane is somewhat expensive though and Echo takes the elite spot. On the plus side though neither of them require any attribute point shifting.

    From there Energy Tap/Drain can go a long ways towards refilling your pool, Backfire's use is obvious, Chaos Storm is essentially just another nuke, and Empathy is decent against most monsters but I probably wouldn't end up using it with an ele.

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    Some favourites: (I can't possibly keep such a list down to a mere 5. Sorry!)

    Clumsiness - Scares the smart fighters to death. Damages the crap out of the dumb ones.
    Backfire - Scares the smart casters to death. Damages the crap out of the dumb ones.
    Wastrel's Worry - There is a place in Hell reserved especially for people who stack this atop Backfire or Clumsiness.
    Echo/Arcane Echo - Spam the unspammable spells!
    Shatter Hex - Transform tanks into timebombs. (alliterative analogies are awesome)
    Arcane Thievery - Steal a spell. Particularly great because your opponent cannot use the spell you stole.
    Phantom Pain - Not terribly noteworthy except that your target loses maximum health for awhile when the hex ends. (if it is dispelled, they just lose maximum health sooner)
    Distortion - 5s of near-invulnerability from physical attacks. Great for getting out of the line of fire.
    Cry of Frustration - AoE interrupt. $@#%!
    Sympathetic Visage - No adrenaline for you!

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    Addenum. Choice picks for an Elementalist primary:

    Channelling - Steal energy from nearby enemies whenever you cast a spell.
    Ether Tap - Ether on tap.
    Physical Resistance - Just in case your opponents want to get physical.
    Mantra of Concentration - Block those pesky interrupt spells.
    Hex Breaker - Great for preventing backfire.

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    Some great replys thanks guys :) Deffinitly helped will start looking for them soon when I have done the last mission. Pure Firepower I think for that.

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