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    water vs fire the same as air vs earth?

    ok, he's a n00bish question.

    from common sense, we know that if you come across a "fire" imp, a water/ice based spell is going to do the most damage against it, and like wise, a fire based spelled against an "ice" imp will do the most.

    since fire and water are opposites, is it safe to assume air and earth are the same?

    i assume an air/lightning based attack against a stone elemental will do more damage than a fire or water based spell... and an earth based spelled also would do the most against a lightning drake? (lightning draking is the only air/lightning based mob i can think of right now, whether it is actually, i'm not sure). but i'm sure you get what i mean...

    fire does the most against water and vice versa
    earth does the most against air and vice versa??

    or maybe it's a wierd chain of damage...like

    fire does the most against ice, ice does the most against air, air does the most agaist earth, earth does the most agaist fire ??

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    Since I only have access to fire spells, and only recently have gotten the GOOD lightning spells...I haven't had a chance to test out whether it's Fire VS Water/Ice and Air VS Earth myself. In Shakespeare's The Tempest, Air and Fire are often considered a "friendly" pair (Ariel) and similarly Water & Earth (Caliban; makes mud, by the way :P).

    Of course it could be more like RO, where it's a chain of elements, in a rock-scissor-paper manner.

    If anyone knows, please divulge. ^_^

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    I don't the elements works the way you think they do.

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    It's not Final fantasy... I havn't tested it out, but I'd bet that it's similar to Diablo in that creatures have resistance to all elements (or armor level in this game).

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    Entirely possible that elements may just be more of a "straight up" type of damage and not have strengths/weaknesses (barring elemental resistances, like Ele armor and Ranger armor). Although ice golems do seem to take a serious whoopin' from fire attacks; maybe they just have shoddy AL.

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    I find it ironic at times that certain enemies take more damage from elements they seem to sport. Like skeleton sorcerers use lightning a lot, but also take an extraordinary amount of damage from air magic. The same is true of the white mantle elementalists (I forget their name right now. I know it's not sycophant, that's the mesmer), they use fire but seem to take more damage from fire spells.

    Also contrary to the obvious, ice imps seem to take a lot less damage from fire spells (my meteor storm that should do 68 damage does only 10), however they take slightly more damage from air spells (40 damage from a 38 damage Lightning Strike), and almost full damage from earth (68 damage from a 70 damage Aftershock). Go figure. It also wouldn't surprise me if someone came out and said, "OMG ice impz tak 2x dmg from ice speels wtf, I got proof" (with variable intelligence applying to the quote, this being the low end of intelligence).

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    There's some info about it on the wiki


    According to it Fire damage is only effective against plants and most ice monsters, Cold is effective against Destroyers, Fire elementals and some titan monsters and Lightning is only effective against Grawl. Earth doesn't has any advantage.

    If there was a much more diverse pool of monsters weak to elemental damage maybe Elementalists wouldn't find themselves so handicapped in the damage department in HM.

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    4 years.

    That is all.

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    Uhm guys why are you posting in a thread resurrected after 5 years by a US marriage spammer?

    Uhm guys why am I posting in a thread resurrected after 5 years by a US marriage spammer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akirai Annuvil View Post
    Uhm guys why are you posting in a thread resurrected after 5 years by a US marriage spammer?

    Uhm guys why am I posting in a thread resurrected after 5 years by a US marriage spammer?
    Excellent question. I made the spammer go away...

    Next time, just report them...

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