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    question on unlocking runes and suffixes?

    how exactly can i unlock more?. i know if i use expert salvage on a salvagable purple or yellow item i get a rune. Does it work with blue items as well?. also how do i get hilts? and can hilts only be added to regular weapons?. and one last question if i salavge a purple blue or yellow thats unidenfied wut happens?

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    GWOnline.Net Member majoho's Avatar

    You get the materials, I've done it by accident several times

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    as for unlocking

    with unlocking i guess you mean for pvp. to unlock them you just have to identify the item. youll then get a message that a rune or upgrade component is unlocked. you do not need to salvage it.

    runes can be found in any magical, rare or unique salvage item.

    im not sure what happens when you salvage unid items. but why would you? idenitfication kit costs 100g.....not really a fortune

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    hmmm how exactly do i get those superior runes? iv only been getting minor ones ><.

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    I am still a little lost on the weapon upgrades. I am a lvl 10 warrior/elementalist. I would like to upgrade my sword but can't seem to find the right stuff to do it with. I can't find anyone (npc) selling the hilts or pommels and no mobs are dropping them.

    Is there a detailed guild on this topic other than what they are?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Findariel's Avatar

    Sword hilts and pommels are VERY rare!! My lvl 16 warrior has only found ONE :(
    Next to that a few hammer and axe hilts and pommels and a poison duration bowstring ... guess you just have to trade them!!!

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    I salvaged an unidentified purple item once and it still unlocked the item but I think that's only because I got the item from the salvage. So there is a chance you will still unlock an item but safest thing is to ID it

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    GWOnline.Net Member Lysara's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Repr
    im not sure what happens when you salvage unid items. but why would you? idenitfication kit costs 100g.....not really a fortune
    If you salvage something before identifying it you will get whatever you would normally HOWEVER it will be something that is unidentified... these are currently going for a lot of money (usually more then if it is identified) to people who are doing PvP and need to unlock things so they can use them with their PvP chars.

    With stuff like runes you will be able to tell what kind of rune it is based on the graphic (the picture and the symbol)...

    Sometimes they even just give you the item back when they are done!


    \Edit -- Of course the danger in salvaging before you ID is that you definately aren't going to be unlocking anything for yourself... so the best bet it to wait until you aren't looking to unlock anything of that type or if you don't care about unlocking things before going about this method.. (since you unlock a lot more for yourself when you ID before you salvage, since you don't always get the upgrade/rune/whatever when you salvage...)
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    does it matter if u use expert salvage or a regular salvage kit when ur doing these?

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    I got problem:

    When I unlock runes, in order to use them for pvp character do I have to create new pvp character or can I use exist pvp character?

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