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    Question Cost of Armor is higher but no more Def or other Benefit??

    Just curious why someone would buy for example....

    Drakescale armor (Vest) from Marhan's Grotto.....
    Materials: 150 Tanned Hide Squares, 15 Scales, 15,000 Gold

    When you can buy this tons cheaper from Droknar's Forge......

    Drakescale armor (Vest)
    Materials: 75 Tanned Hide Squares, 12 Scales, 1500 Gold

    Is it just for looks or what? You don't get any added Benefits or Def.
    You won't see me buying 15,000 gold armor pieces, that's for sure. I'll spend it on runes and bows **LOL**
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    GWOnline.Net Member Galavorn's Avatar

    It's for looks. And if you play long enough, you will eventually buy it.

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