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    Dave Havok's Sunday Easter Egg Hunts!

    I just wanted to post this to see if people would be interested.

    I was sitting here with about 35 runes and no buyers, so I had an idea. Why not have an Easter Egg Hunt? I was feeling generous, so I bought some stuff, cleaned out my inventory of rare stuff i didn't really need, and headed to Lion's Arch.

    After gathering a group of 6, we went outside. Everyone stood outside the city while I ran around and dropped items. 3 superior runes, 5k in gold, a firey dragon sword, lots of Leather, Steel, charcoal, and other stuff. Then everyone ran into the area looking for goodies. It worked out very well, minus the fact that the one warrior with the most armor and the longets sprint duration got the majority of the stuff.

    I am planning on doing this once or twice every Sunday, so I need suggestions. What kind of loot do most people want? Any additional runes I should add?

    I am thinking of making everyone take off all armor to level the playing field. Also, I think I will ban the use of Sprint type skills. I am going to take screenshots and post them later. The area of Lions arc only allows 6 players. Are there any areas that would allow more people, but still enough cover to hide stuff?

    So, if you ever see Dave Havok advertiing an Easter Egg hunt, join quick! :happy34:

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    max dmg weapons
    vigor runes (sup)
    weapon upgrades
    rare materials
    and a load of random crap (2-3 dmg sword) just to make people look harder for the good stuff

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    Enlighten me... I must have missed something here. What prevents people from just pushing the ALT button and clicking on the item they want to automatically run to it?

    (though I like the idea and sure wouldn't mind participating ^^)

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    International Districts!! If you play on American servers, then Europe won't even be able to participate. But like SilentMoon said, won't people just be able to press ALT? It's nice of you though.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sharper's Avatar

    scavenger hunt would be really fun to host/be in except that they all hold down alt (the smart ones) and there's no looking they just see it all

    sorry someone so just said that before me that i didn't read

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    Yeah, its not so much finding the items than geting to them. They had to run through mobs and stuff.

    I am thinking about telling everyone about the ALT key also...

    And is the ALT key distanced? If I put the items far enough apart it wont help much, right?

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    alt key has a limmitted distance but it's far enough (it's almost as big as your mini-map)

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    GWOnline.Net Member elbertc's Avatar

    I can see someone just walking thru the portal and clearing out anything you've dropped.

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    Eek, that would really suck.

    I think that if I make it worth enough people would rather get a free superior rune than ruin my day.

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