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    Ele/Me, Me/Necro

    I'm currently working on 2 mesmer builds, and I would like your thoughts and opinions on them, if you don't mind.

    10 - Earth Magic (+3 with rune and headwear)
    10 - Illusion (+1 with rune)
    8 - Energy Storage (+1 with rune)

    Stone Daggers
    Magnetic Aura
    Res Signet
    Clumsiness (replace with Crippling Anguish) (elite skill)
    Conjure Phantasm
    Phantom Pain
    Soothing Images

    Me/N: (ignoring necro, just to help before I get some of the spells)
    11 - Domination (+2 with rune and mask)
    11 - Inspiration (+1 with rune)
    5 - Fast Casting (+2 with rune)

    Chaos Storm
    Leech Signet
    Cry of Frustration
    Energy Burn
    Res Signet

    Before you comment on res...I like having it on me. I usually hide in the back of the battle, and as a result..I find myself being the last one standing a lot. It's nice to not be cussed out due to the fact I don't have it.

    Thank you all for any help and advice you could give me.

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    Oh, I forgot to add the Ele is anti-tank, and the Me is anti-caster. Sorry about that. :p

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    btw, is this pvp or pve?

    rez signet is always a good option, one of the best skills in the game, especially for pvp. It's like a one hit kill, except backwards. :P no other spell can do that much for a battle.

    in the first build, it looks good, however aftershock seems a little out of place, as you have no knockdown. i'd take a ward against melee or eruption instead. this will really annoy warriors :D

    the second build imo can be fine tuned a bit more. firstly, you have no elite, which might be because you haven't unlocked any elites compatible with this build.

    i'm assuming this build is for pvp since it looks very anticaster oriented. If this is true, cry of frustration and leech signet can be replaced with power leak, power drain, power spike, or power block (elite), which only work against spells, but do a better job.

    Chaos storm is not one of my favorite spells for pvp, since the AoE is very small and casters can easily move out of it.

    i think what you will find is that when you are targeting a caster, they will usually stop casting and you can't do much damage if their not casting. i'd recommend wastrel's worry to encourge this. it works will with backfire, guilt, and interrupts. ether feast wouldn't be a bad idea as well, as you have 11 in inspiration and it is a good energy drainer. emergency self heal is always nice.

    hope this helps

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    Just remember that magnetic aura only lasts 10 seconds, but has a whopping 60 second recharge time.

    You *may* find that either distortion, ward vs melee or armour of earth are better over the long haul.

    I also notice that neither of your builds has any way of gaining energy or reducing energy costs.

    For your first build, I might consider (eventually!) something like ether prodigy, as earth attunement would only cover a few of your skills and you have no enchantments to help ether renewal. A lesser glyph of energy would be wasted somewhat as your spells are all around 10 energy.

    Are they for PvE or PvP? Or a bit of both with constant attributes, but varying the skills?

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    Basically, I meant them to be for both pvp and pve, as I occasionally (read always) forget to change my skills before going into the arena.

    Thank you so much for the suggestions. :D

    Oh, and aftershock isn't for the knockdown, it just has a lower mana cost than eruption. And a lower recast rate.

    The first one I'm probably going to add Ward Against Melee instead of Magnetic Aura. I orignally chose M.A. because I was hoping to have the warrior dead, or have the warrior give up, in about 15 seconds, and figured the time was close enough. But I guess that's relying too much on my chars great health -hahaha- so..yeah.

    For the second template I will keep Chaos Storm for PvE, and replace it with Wastral's Worry for PvP. And I will take the other suggestion, in that I will replace Cry of Frustration with Power Drain, and Leech Signet with Power Spike. I don't know that I will worry about Power Block, mostly because I still have nightmares over the term from Shadowbane.

    I'm hoping these 2 builds will work well in both pvp and pve though.
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