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    My "farming" story

    Ok, well, I am not all for farming as it takes away from the game and I enjoy that, but after spening ~10k on that blasted Droknar Armor and other new items to suit up my warrior, I was, well, quite broke. I figured that as long as I spent all that money on the armor, I might as well get some use out of it and attempt to make it back today. Well, I did, but I also upgraded a shield, so ultimately I cam out better than where I was left yesterday, lol. Since about 2am-5am last night and 2pm-4am today, I have been farming a certain area that shall remain nameless. Thankfully after all this, I won't be needing to do it again for a while I hope.

    Anyway, I would like to share some tendencies I did find. The best way I can compare what happened was like MFing in D2, if any of you did that. Some runs would yield a yellow or 2 and 3 purple, others nothing at all. Anyway, point being is that there were "hot" and "cold" spells. This area I am "farming" has a tendency to drop runes like mad, so making money was is kinda hard. I was able to salvage over 500 tannded hide squares though, lol. Think I am set on those for life.

    Well, a little while ago, I decided to collect 20 unidentified items then ID them. They were 3 blue, 5 yellow, and 12 purple (20 because that's the size of the inventory and comparing statistics is easier). This took approximately 2-2 1/2 hours to complete. I was going for consistency more than anything, and that's what I got. Might be a little slower than other farmers out there, but oh well. Now here is where it starts to get sad :( Out of the 5 yellows, 4 were sup and 1 was major (sup blood mastery, smiting, expertise, marksmanship, 1 major domination). Out of all 20 items I salvaged, I mananged to get runes from 10 of them (I lost ALL but the Sup Smiting from the gold items btw, *tear tear tear*). I am kinda going on that it's a 50/50 chance to salvage items, although that is not the highest amount of #'s to compare. I would say, however, that I have ~50% of the runes that I have found, maybe more along the lines of 65%. So, you have a 50% chance to be successful and can get on a lucky streak so to speak, then break more than average.

    This is from 2 days of "farming." That is all I have, but do keep in mind I should have at least 20 more that were lost. If I kept up this pace for a week, imagine how many runes I would have (I could very well do that, and am kinda tempted to; gotta make money somehow for all 4 chars I play :P).Now imgaine if everyone did it at this pace. Eek! :eek: Oh well, just felt like sharing and kinda venting that I lost those 3 sup runes cause that made me sad :(.

    *edit* Had to edit the picture so I don't give away my location too easily

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