The Edge - Guild Wars Utility

Class: Monk / Necromancer

Attributes: (cost) '+' indicates Rune attributes
Healing Prayers: 9+3 (48)
Blood Magic: 9 (48)
Curses: 9 (48)
Death Magic: 9 (48)

Total attribute points used: 192/200

Skills: [Attribute] (Energy, Cast Time, Recharge TIme)
1) Enfeeble [Curses] (5,1,5) Spell: Target suffers from weakness for 14 seconds.[Ringcrafter: Ascalon City (T), Captain Osric: Yak's Bend (OP), First Watch Sergio: Lion's Arch (T)]

2) Spiteful Spirit [Curses] (15,2,10) Hex: For 16 seconds, whenever target foe attacks or uses a skill, Spiteful Spirit deals 23 shadow damage to that foe and all adjacent foes. This is an elite skill[]

3) Animate Bone Fiend [Death Magic] (25,3,5) Spell: Exploit nearest target corpse to animate a level 11 Bone Fiend. Bone Fiends can attack at range.[Druid's Overlook (OP), Quarrel Falls (OP), Ventari's Refuge (OP), Maguuma Stade (OP)]

4) Dark Bond [Blood Magic] (10,2,60) Enchantment: For the next 48 seconds, whenever you receive physical damage, your closest minion suffers 75% of that damage for you.[Master Scout Kiera: Henge of Henge of Denravi (T)]

5) Rotting Flesh [Death Magic] (15,3,3) Hex: Target fleshy creature becomes diseased for 19 seconds and slowly loses health.[Captain Greywind: North Kryta Province (EA)]

6) Heal Other [Healing Prayers] (10,1,3) Spell: Heal target other ally for 151 health.[Ringcrafter: Ascalon City (T), Captain Osric: Yak's Bend (OP), First Watch Sergio: Lion's Arch (T)]

7) Orison of Healing [Healing Prayers] (5,1,2) Spell: Heal target ally for 60 health.[]

8) Healing Seed [Healing Prayers] (15,2,25) Enchantment: For 18 seconds, whenever target other ally takes damage, that ally and all adjacent allies gain 25 health.[]
bone fiend+dark bond+enfeebling for defense
healing seed on minions to get constant health
spitefull spirit/rotting flesh as damage
rest heals
anny thoughts?