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    Effectiveness of hexes in PvP... + more on Me/N

    I was originally thinking about making a hex heavy Me/N, specializing in curses, domination, and illusion. Lately though, I've been worrying that hex removal will be a big problem. What kinds of experiences have you guys had in 8v8 with heavy use of hexes?

    Another question, if I wanted to forget hexes, what would a typical Me/N Dom/Illusion/Blood build look like? Should I maybe go Insp/Dom/Blood for greater energy control? I'm guessing Inspiration would make this build lean towards anti-caster? What are your suggestions?

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    Ok well i made my Mesmer/necro last night, he is 9 at the moment, i have been using him in the arena alot and his build is Dom/Insp/curses and a lil fast casting, but anyways, so far it works pretty well, but there is one thing, to make a PVP mesmer work, you gotta have a group that.. You know, can acutually listen to orders and ****. Unfortanly 3 out of 4 times you'll have a group of warriors that just wants to charge in and die...

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    Thanks but the low level arenas isn't really what I'm wondering about, I'm talking tombs and GvG.

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    you shouldnt worry about removal because in this game, theres always a counter to something. Of course theyre removing it but at least theyre preoccupied on removing it instead of what they're supposed to be doing.

    If you're that worried let's just say that at least there is no mass-hex removal, rend enchantments is a mass-enchantment removal, no version like that for hexes so if theyre gonna try to remove your hexes theyre going to have to cast and cast and cast hex removal spells.

    If you're heavy on hex, use the masking trick; cast your most important hex first and then cast your lesser important hex on the same target, this way if they try to remove a hex, the lesser important one will be the first one to go.

    Inspiration is always a choice to recover energy and give a constant stream of spells, Blood, Curse, Illusion, Domination are all fine, Pick two from those depending on what you prefer on using.

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    If you're that worried let's just say that at least there is no mass-hex removal
    Convert Hexes (availability)
    Description: Remove all hexes from target other ally. For 8-18 seconds, that ally gains +10 armor for each Necromancer hex that was removed.
    Energy Cost: 15
    Activation Time: 2 Seconds.
    Recharge Time: 20 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute Protection Prayers. Increases duration.
    Skill Type: Spell.

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    Nature's Renewal (availability)
    Description: Create a level 1-8 Spirit. For creatures within its range, all enchantments and hexes are removed. For 30-126 seconds, enchantments and hexes take twice as long to cast. This Spirit dies after 30-126 seconds.
    Energy Cost: 5
    Activation Time: 5 Seconds.
    Recharge Time: 60 Seconds.
    Linked Attribute: Wilderness survival. Increases Spirit's level and durations.
    Skill Type: Nature Ritual.

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    These skills specifically are what I was saying, I haven't had much experience in the HoH or GvG because my guild has been practicing mostly in the 4v4 team arenas and we are trying to get our PvP up to snuff before we begin really competing, so can someone with some more experience tell me (as I haven't seen much hex removal in the 4v4s), how feasible is a build that is reliant on hexes? Granted, every class has their weakness, but two classes with "remove all hex" abilities seems like it can really reduce effectiveness a lot. There isn't much to protect against something like that beyond interrupting said skills it seems? Maybe direct damage, or energy denial is more feasible?

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    Well you usually don't have to worry all that much, only the better guilds use rangers in their parties (and mesmers, because we all know mesmers are useless *cough*). Even then, probably less than half would even consider using Nature's Renewal, let alone actually using it, because it also affects all enchantments. Most healing revolves around enchantments if you think about it. Reversal of Fortune is an enchantment, Mark of Protection is an enchantment, Healing Breeze, Healing Seed, Healing Hands... Likewise, smite warriors would become a lot slower if Judge's Insight were to cast slower, not to mention smite rangers (they do exist, however rare).

    Only the monk would really use an anti-all hex spell, and it has a 20 second recycle time. With Diversion in place, it takes even longer (and really there's no reason not to use Diversion on a healer). It's not really that bad, and Convert Hexes only targets one person. You're also fine so long as you don't use necro hexes, that'd really screw your team over.

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