DoF is an active (small right now) guild that is seeking members who play regularly, but may get called away to real life occasionally.

As such, you may want to call us Old, Married Farts who play when we can. Usually from 8:30pm Central to 11 pm weeknights and as able on weekends (when there isn't grass to cut, recitals to attend, etc.)

Any other like-minded individuals who are looking for a group to ask questions of, ask assistance of (when possible) on missions and such (and will listen to friendly advice from those who have been there before--anyone familiar with "No! No! Don't kill them...Don't kill them...awwww"), please feel free to whisper me (Raif Myndwrack is one of my definite keeper accounts that you can add/msg).

There will be no hardcore committments to keep, meetings to attend, etc. We only ask that members be helpful to others when they are able--especially with information if not actual grouping.

We do have a cape, and hope to achieve a guildhall one day. Our current officers (myself and Dain Talonrage) both have 2 lvl 20 characters over in Augury Rock, hoping to ascend and we both know all missions and bonuses up to that point.

Current lvl 20s available for help/assistance:


With a Mes/Mo on the way (at Kryta currently, should be LA and beyond after tonite :)

Cya around