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    this is not an rpg

    First I would like to say this: I love this game, my friend and i are hooked (me more than him).

    I put my character a bit past droknars, and a secondary to seaboard. right now i realized that you can only right right now - there's absolutely nothing else, i haven't gotten 'into' my character at all, like.."at all". it's just a game to me and (i don't mean to compare this to another game) but in SWG, i felt like i got to RP with my character at least a bit, or get into their profession and personality. I guess the bigger problem aside from nothing but fighting is that everyone has the same story line because the missions and quests are the same (not proposing a solution yet).

    This game accomplished what i mainly bought it for - great PvP and PvE. However, I wouldn't mind something extra where you can just casually be on the game and chat - the reason this will never happen (examples: fishing, camping, hanging out in my personal house, etc.) is because each person plays in the wilderness on a private server - now good guys or bad guys - my solution is the following (will never EVER happen and i am disappointed). We need everyone on a few big servers, i'm all for the 293472983 districts, but i think when you go out you should be able to see other people fighting and assist them and travel in groups larger than 8, etc. big group hunts, parties up to like 20 - could be very fun like in SWG. I'm not asking a mirror of SWG in knightly times - but I honestly wouldn't mind paying 10-15$ a month to get more traditional MMORPG content and get the annoying kids who fooled their parents into thinking they're mature enough to bypass an ESRB to just not be able to play online :) (again, i know this will never happen cuz they promised f2p forever) - just my thoughts

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    Having everyone in the same instance of the world would re-introduce the ability for people to kill-steal, camp, be a pain to others.

    It's like having everything they said they wouldnt :)

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    Welcome to the new age of mmorpgs.

    Something to get used to. MMORPG the way we remember them are going away.

    The reason is that games like Ultima Online, Anarchy Online dont have that feel to them anymore. And they never will. Games are being built too large scale as far as maps. You never walk into the randomness and find whoever doing whatever. Cause the maps are so large and the amount of MMORPGs on the market make finding people a rare occurence anyways. I came to guild wars cause its 8 person per instance. The chances of you finding 8 people in any given place in a mmorpg these days is very scarce and if you do. its the typical CROWD spot. The place where EVERYONE who plays goes to. Which is usually the bank. Or the place where people sell crap. Which in GW case is Ascalon districts 1-30. I quit ultima online very recently for this game and i dont have any regrets. Ultima Online had a failing rp community. Every game out there has a failing rp community. There just arnt enough imaginative people left in the world these days I guess.

    I wouldnt leave though. This game for some reason shows promise. I think its only a matter of time before Arena Net incorporates sub servers for towns to support Taverns and places of rp interest. Places where you can sit down for a mug of ale. And go on and on about all the mundane stories you could possible want to tell.

    Scotia Audrin, Vampires of Carafax

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    Ya, that'd be nice - I guess all I really want is more socializing among strangers and friends, places to crash, take it easy, put my weapon aside, get into my character

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    ScotiaAudrin, the recent update did exactly that. Now that Ales are avaliable, people are standing around getting drunk and casually chatting.

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