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    Obsidian Shards improved drop now, know where to find them?

    ok well the lastest update added and improved the drop of Obsidian Shards (ive never seen them drop b4 so i guess its an add not improvment)

    if ne of u know where to find these plz post here (i hope this is the right place to put this, if not would it b to much to ask the mods to move it? )

    but yes im sure probubly all of u wondering where they r found (drop), thnx

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    Found 1, 30 min. after update in Fissure. :happy34:

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    thats awesome .. dropped by wut? if i may ask

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    they drop fairly infrequenty off pretty much every enemy in fissure - mostly the shadows.

    as is typical of my luck, i didnt get any yesterday - whereas 1 of my guildmates got 3 >__<

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    tom gaman

    obsidian shards a?...

    well .. i got 3 and i want to sell them...if anyone's interested find me online under the name of Tom Gaman .. minimum price for one is 2.5k, u can bid if u want .. who offers more, gets them.
    have a nice day all.

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