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    Smile fire ele/me pve built needs help@@

    hey all those pple wif fire ele/me i need ur help badly. i have no idea wad skills i shd learn and wad attributes shd i pump. although im only lvl 13, i would like to noe more abt tis build for the later part in the game. so plz reply me wif tips for tis build. @@HELP GENEROUSLY APPRECIATED@@ :p

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    early in the game i used

    *aura of restortion
    *fire storm
    *meteor shower
    *glyf of energy
    *Conjure phantasm
    *phantom pain

    I used the last 2 if i was fighting a hard single enamy for a degen of 8
    For multiple enamys use glyf of energy> meteor shower> fire storm> phoenix
    This works well for a long time>(till u get elites)

    My skills were evenly balance among
    Fire magic
    Illusion magic
    energy storage

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