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    Overview of Suggestion Thread Part 1- Has this been done?

    Ok, so I was gonna throw in some suggestions in the good ole' Suggestion Thread, and I noticed theres no way to see if what I'm suggesting has been said already, so I brewed 10 pots of coffee and read thru all 27 pages/261 posts, and made an overview of what is being asked for.

    I'm not sure if this has been done. If it has please direct me as I didnt see anything like it. If it hasnt, well its layed out below as best I could.

    I divided all the suggestions into common "areas" to make reading them a bit easier. This is a basic overview of what I saw, keep in mind. It is also current up to post 261, lol. If I missed any obscure suggestions, I apologize beforehand, as after 261 posts my eyeballs started to bleed.

    Maybie this can be added to Chantal's first post, to try and help prevent multiple posting of the same thing. Maybie people wont read this anyways before posting, lol. Maybie I just wasted 3 hours of my life. Who knows, lol.

    I havent checked to see which of these(if any) have already been implemented, so some may already be in-game. Anyways here it is(Note these are everyone's suggestions with a few of mine included):

    -- Trading --
    1) Fix Trading - Player Vendors/Auction House(too much spam!! - See #4 below)
    2) Ability to drag items directly from storage to trade screen; Ability to remove items from trade screen when modifying
    3) Have item stats be linkable - Click on the item link in chat, and the item pops up showing you the stats(example from Everquest - shift left click the items' picture and it creates a clickable link in chat, that others can click on & look at, instead of asking what the stats are)
    4) Implement an Auction zone(with multiple districts if needed) - Either have it so people can sit there manually & sell while they are afk/sleeping/at work etc, or have it create a "duplicate" of them, so they can go out & do stuff while selling. When you enter this zone, a Search window would come up allowing you to search for what you want, and show a clickable entry of whats for sale based upon your search criteria, or you could browse a user listing showing what each person has for sale & how much. No haggling would be allowed in this zone, you either buy at their price or you dont. All items in the search window would be clickable, meaning you could click on an items' name, and a window would pop up showing you the stats. Clicking on a persons name in the list would highlight them in the area, showing you where they are. Clicking trade would auto-negotiate a trade, allowing you to buy at your leisure. In this zone, ALL chat channels would be auto-greyed out, meaning no chat spam whatsoever. If this were implemented, then the trade option in normal cities could be taken out, to try & cut down on the trade spam in normal districts. Sure they could spam WTS/WTB in normal areas, but they wouldnt be able to actually trade. You could even charge sellers in the auction zones a fee for setting up shop(money sink). Just an idea.

    -- PvE/P, GvG/E, Guild-related stuff --
    1) Secondary Ladder System(for the less skilled players I guess?)
    2) Include way for PvE Guilds to acquire Guild Hall w/o paying for sigil
    3) Add "Sealed Deck" Style PvP(not sure what this means - Sorry I forgot what post # this was)
    4) Add a Guild Hall PvE mini-game practice area ; Ability to practice in Guild Halls(ie XvX with guildmates or versus other guilds, w/o it affecting the Ladder)
    5) Ability for each character to be in different guilds
    6) Make guild capes toggleable
    7) PvP/GvG Betting system
    8) Give negative bonuses to teams with all or alot of the same class combos - Promote diversity in battles
    9) Ability to place/assign items in the guild chest - Ability to add gold to a guild fund, where only guild leader can access the money
    10) Guild hall bulletin(for selling/trading - You would be able to see what Joe Blow is looking for, and if you have it, put it in storage, and assign it to him only)
    11) Guild Hall Awards Room(shows stats, awards, etc to members of guild - Show what you've accomplished for the guild!)
    12) 1v1(or more) PvP in guild halls(also allow other guildmates to watch the battle)
    13) Allow PvP Quests - 2 groups in the same instance/quest, they have to battle it out, but beware the roaming monsters that might want to jump in on the fun!
    14) Have guild allies - Another way to practice in Guild Halls, also, would allow guilds to mix & match players, if one guild didnt have enough people online to PvP, etc...
    15) Allow PvP in open PvE environments - Let us really change the world we live in! Make it so this happens in a seperate PvE "world" so those going thru the game for the first time or whatnot wont have to deal with the open PvP and such(Hey, maybie you could let us burn down houses & stuff too, lol) - If this is a reality(maybie in an expansion), let us place guild banners in the entrance to those areas(like at road signs/portals, etc), letting others know who "controls" that area, and it could be hazardous to your health to venture into that area. If you do go into the town or area, be prepared for a PvP/GvG fight to keep/gain control! == This could be something for the PvE Guilds that exist to have something to do in a PvE environment, once they've beat the game umpteen million times. A PvPish environment in a PvE user-changeable world would be really really groovy!
    15a) Allow monsters to randomly ravage towns/cities, while everyone is drunk & nude dancing at the fountain or fire. A yes/no box would pop-up alerting players to the impending doom, & they can choose whether to stay and fight, or high-tail it to the next town. Possibly allow a timer so friendlies can have a chance to come & help out. Once the timer goes down & the battle commences, "guards" would prevent new people from entering the town, letting them know its under attack. If the monsters win, then the town changes in some way, etc afterwards. This would happen in the "second" PvE world, the one where we actually change the world we live in. Lots of possibilites for this stuff.
    16) Make a Damage Log you can view after PvP/PvE battles, showing skills used, Dmg, etc..
    17) Make Colliseums in large cities, where groups of 8v8 can duke it out & those people that want to watch can. Make the people that are watching have their skills "greyed-out" when they enter the arena to watch, so they cant intervene, and have a specific area where they can sit & watch. Some people are smack-talking you in town? Fine, challenge them to a duel & let everyone watch them back up those big words, or take the beating they needed so much. :)
    18) More PvP game styles please! Maybie add random waves of monsters at random intervals attacking the different teams. Would be interesting!
    19) PvE or GvE Ladders. Waves of harder & harder monsters, with stats, etc...
    20) Raise the # of people allowed into guilds
    21) Show class/levels in the Guild List - How many times do we have to ask what another guildmember is & where they are? Same for Friends list, if both people have it toggled on

    -- Game Configuration/UI Changes/Camera/Map Stuff --
    1) Ability to change camera w/regards to clipping
    2) Ability to save skill configurations(ie PvP set, PvE set, solo set)
    3) Ability to divide your Friends list into seperate groups; Also show their classes/levels/locations
    4) Ability to fix camera to behind your character regardless of direction of travel
    5) Option to display when Friends/Guildmembers log on or off(possibly with a sound)
    6) Automated Flood Control - What exactly IS Ignore for - Doesnt seem to work?? Is it just for tells?
    7) Longer text input for selling, etc..
    8) Restore camera view after you've been rezzed(stop doing top-down view)
    9) More character slots!!!
    10) When clicking a name in chat channels, have it highlight the person in the town, to find them easier
    11) Allow Guild/Friends listing to be seen at log-in, so you can choose what character to play
    12) Ability to click on a player & send a tell, have it put a "Whisper" button next to his highlighted name, or after you've initiated trade, have a "whisper chat" dialogue come up also, so you can talk/negotiate with him while trading(ONLY have this available in towns!) = ANOTHER idea I think would be to have a seperate whisper tab/window completely, especially when you're selling an item & you get multiple tells, and have to wade thru 5000 lines of nonsense to see the name of the persons that gave you tells. SEPERATE TELL WINDOW/BUFFER PLZ!!!
    13) Change or add to the guild tags in peoples' names to show the actual name of the guild
    14) More options for character creation! Cosmetically speaking
    15) Make a mail system in-game(would have to be toggled on for both people to prevent harrassment)
    16) Allow sending of items/gold to people offline(item/gold disappears when you decide to send, appears in their inv/storage when they log on - Have the mailman charge a fee for doing this)
    17) Allow "ticking" of spots on the map, so we can put info there to remind us of where collectors etc are, and possibly what they are looking for
    18) Better way to find lost people on the map(maybie use the auto-follow already present, but make the range infinite in that instance)
    19) Make ranger traps seeable in-game or on mini-map to rangers only. Sometimes hard to remember where you laid a trap
    20) Let us see spells/conditions/enchantment on foes/monsters/groupmates.
    21) Some kind of noise when you receive a guild or whisper message(or have a seperate window/buffer for guild/whisper chat)
    22) Allow a broadcasting of messages to friend list
    23) Stop people from drawing "woot!" or drawing body parts on the mini-map. Its annoying. Or at least have it show who is doing the drawing, so we could vote-kick that person(if that was implemented too)
    24) Provide a seperate window/chat buffer for Normal talking, Chat channel & Tells - Scrolling thru 500 lines of chat to click on a name to reply is not working!

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    Overview of Suggestion Thread Part 2- Has this been done?

    -- Group/Quest/Henchmen/Pet-related stuff --
    1) Ability to reconnect to same group after you go LD, or have game auto-add henchmen of same type if someone drops
    2) Add a random quest generator(HUGE PvE replay value!!!)
    3) Ability to filter out what groupmates pick up
    4) Ability to target closest drop assigned to you
    5) Add a 2nd circle in radar indicating range of spells/weapons
    6) Show # of health degen arrows for a person in group list; show # of health degen arrows on monsters
    7) Make monsters that give 0 exp, not attack you; If in party, base it on lowest level member
    8) Show completed quests in the Quest Log
    9) Make a "Minion List" for necros, so they can heal their minions more efficiently
    10) Thin the # of mobs in upper level areas
    11) Ability to allow assigned dropped items to be able to be picked up by anyone(make it a toggle, ALL or NONE; ALL = Anyone can pick it up when its assigned to you, NONE = Only you can pick it up)
    12) Ability to majority vote <explicit word>'s out of groups - No one likes a <explicit word> !
    13) Ability to kill/reset henchmen that are stuck, etc...If more then 1 PC present in group, it would be a vote type of thing, majority says npc's dies, etc...
    14) Allow us to pick more then 1 cultist/fighter henchmen, etc...More customization for solo+henchmen party(Maybie have max of 2 of any type, etc)
    15) Make the morale bonus more balanced vs. death penalty
    16) Fix healer hench AI, hell fix ALL Hench AI! Tanking healers = sucksy
    16a) More control over henchmen - Basic commands like Attack All, Defend Only or Dont do anything at all - Many times I've wanted my henchies to just follow me & stop trying to kill everything in the way. It's our group, we should be able to tell Henchmen what to do, even if just basic commands.
    17) Allow us to see the stats of the items we're getting from collectors, once we have the neccessary items needed. I believe the game erases the stats & only shows the item names, after proper items are gotten.
    18) Allow map-travelling with the same party. Its dumb to have to redo the party everytime you change cities. Have the leader iniate a map-travel, then people click yes to stay in the group. Those that click no, are dropped from the group once all have clicked. Have a time-out on it also, that defaults to yes. Have this ability only useable from towns or certain areas possibly? Hard to say.
    19) Change "Return Person" quests so once you enter the next town/whatever, you finish the quest correctly, even if return person isnt there. Have not finished quests like this many times, when said npc was too slow to get there before you.
    20) Ability to tell pet to attack a monster w/o you actually doing so. Ties in with more control over henchmen. Make pets stop standing at your feet after you kill a monster. Its a complete pain to try and walk around them sometimes...
    21) Have an LFGroup window that lists all people lfg in that area. You type /lfg, & your name, class, level pop up in there. Someone clicks on your name & hits invite, you join or not, etc...would be alot easier then spamming war/mo lfg 50 times....Maybie have it show what Quests you need, dunno about that though...
    22) Allow useage of henchmen in UW/FoE
    23) More quests & better quest item rewards(they suck at the moment)
    24) Better collector rewards
    25) Make a ready button with a time-out of 30 seconds or so(This would be before the leader hits Enter Mission). Would make sure everyone was really ready. Too many leaders jumping into missions too soon while we're still rearranging skills...

    -- Skills/Runes --
    1) REMOVE UNLOCKING OF RUNES FROM ITEM DROPS!(Unlock thru winning PvP, or as quest rewards)
    2) More choices on sorting skills in the window(and have it remember)
    3) Specialization in an element(ie. Fire elem) should give some absorption to that element
    4) If a quest gives you a skill you already bought, it should refund you a point
    5) Fix Mind Burn(it doesnt do enough damage for an elite)
    6) Be more specific when describing certain skills(ie range, what order things happen when a skill does more then 1 thing, etc..)
    7) Have a Master Elite for primary, only after a very difficult mission(Not sure exactly what he meant, but you can read it in Post # 60)
    8) Add 1-2 more skill slots(hehe)
    9) Make Rune Traders sell ONLY what you've unlocked! Or have an in-game list showing what you've unlocked(runes & weapon upgrades)
    10) Ability to create a custom skill, maybie 1 per character(allow drop-down choices of affects, of course negative affects would be added to balance the skill out) - Some more diversity
    11) Ability to cancel the casting of a skill(maybie use Esc key or something) mid-cast
    12) The ability to pay for unlocking of runes from the rune trader - Maybie make the unlocking cost double or triple what the actual rune costs, and you dont actually get the rune, you just unlock it = Money sink + less grind for PvP
    13) Ability to stack runes
    14) Make a warrior "Stance" or Adrenaline skill that auto-aggroes all close melee creatures!(only PvE)
    15) Have different "sets" of skills you use, PvP, PvE, Solo - Have the game save these preferences, and have them set at bottom like weapon sets, changeable in towns using Function keys(like F1 = weapon set1, Shift-F1 = skill set 1), etc..
    16) Skill descriptions should reflect correct stats when using Expertise/Fast casting, etc..
    17) Runes to increase durations of certain skills(ie longer stances, etc...)
    18) Ability to buy +hp or +mana using unspent skill points. Mix the game up a little.
    19) Fix Line of Sight & (ranger?)skills
    20) Ability to add secondary effects onto skills, using unused skill points(See post # 189 for details)
    21) Allow us to sell skill points for gold, or something else...
    22) BETTER spell graphics!!!
    23) Pet specific skills/animations(ie UW spider has an aoe "slow" skill that is caused by it shooting out cobwebs, or something similar)
    24) Add Dual-wielding skill attribute(more points = more dmg, etc)
    25) Have a new tab in skills window, showing what skills we still need to get for our professions
    26) Have an (incentive?) for people that choose only ONE profession - Maybie have their skills "better" in some way, but would have to be balanced of course

    -- Weapons/Armor/Items --
    1) More weapon/armor types to buy from vendors(money sink of sorts)
    2) Make class armors look better(more manly was stated many times hehe)
    3) Add more diversity to class armors(maybie allow us to buy Ranger looking armor with some elements of Warrior, even if we're playing W/R) - More diversity = money sinks
    4) Have weapon upgrades show both the items stats AND what the max stats are for that upgrade(would help in determining item values)
    5) Make the Ident & Salvage Icons different, so other people(not me) stop salvaging something they thought they were identifying!
    6) Allow weapon/item modifications to have distinct animations to show what they do(ie dripping green blood for poisoner items, or blue icicles/glow for ice-affecting addons, etc..)
    7) More customization of warrior armor(so we dont have warriors running around with different types of armor to get the stats they still want/need) - Let us look like we want to, but still retain the same stats.
    7a) The Bonus on Knights armor should be piece specific.(Sorry forgot post # that talked about this)
    8) When buying new armor or dying armor, allow us to see what it looks like BEFORE doing it! Let us see what it looks like not only in the character screen, but actually in the game where we're standing! Let us see it & zoom in on it, etc...Then if you like what you look like, you click "Accept" or something! Why hasnt this been done already?

    -- Money Sinks --
    1) Ability to Modify guild hall
    2) Add more character/guild customization(ie. add storage, add guards/guild logo just for looks to guild halls, change hair style/color, etc..)
    3) Ability to purchase more personal storage
    4) Allow us to dye more of our armor(especially on warrior armors) - Maybie have it have certain "areas" of your armor you can dye, and you can choose what areas you want to dye, lending to more diversity in looks. Also, if you want to dye ALL of the armor, make it use more dye to do so, like 3 dye per piece(money sink)
    5) Add pet armor of some sort(would be interesting hehe, and a money sink) - Allow dying of pet armor
    6) Ability to buy a "Remove Customization" for items. Let us resell our customized items, but have it cost money to remove the customization(money sink)
    7) Cosmetic changes to players!(I've seen hairdressers asked for I dont know how many times)
    8) Ability to purchase your own town/city, upgrade it, defend it from monsters, quests, etc(See link to this on Post # 120 if you want to read about the suggestion)
    9) Personal storage & Basic vendors in guild halls(money sink to purchase them - possibly weekly/monthly money sink to keep the vendors stocked, etc...)
    10) Have an in-game casino/Gambling Item Vendor!!! Huge money sink
    11) Allow dying of weapons/other items!(huge money sink - Allow you to dye that Fiery Sword so the flame is black, or purple! etc...)
    12) Make weapons/armor/items degrade over time/usage, requiring you to keep them maintained(money sink)
    13) Ability to purchase neon colors! lol
    14) Make bags hold more(maybie up to 20+ or whatever - money sink to purchase more holding runes)

    -- Other --
    1) Ability to walk/Strut?
    2) Tweaked/New emotes; Character-targettable emotes
    3) Roleplaying districts
    4) Ability to create personal chat channels(ie clan channels, etc)
    5) Fix farming w/o nerfing drops(heh)
    6) Put ressurection spots in every zone/quest
    7) Allow headgear to be worn in towns
    8) Make chests, etc.. that have already been opened, not show up when pressing alt
    9) Make a LINUX version of this super awesome game!!!11! hehe
    10) Implement a "crafting" system
    11) More animations for melee/spell attacks, not enough at the moment
    12) Increase item stack sizes - 1000 stackable items would be nice!
    13) Allow us to sell 1 or up to max of items we have to vendors
    14) Add /alarm & /time commands. Let us know what real time it is, and allow a timer so we arent late for work anymore! Lol.
    15) Implement a training mission, where you are taught Target Calling & Target Following(grrr)

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    Whoa.. Awesome list! Still reading it myself, but wow. This might make the job easier for the developers too when they look at this forum. Great job!

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    Good job, must have taken a while. :P

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    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to compile this list. It's the people that spend the time to improve the community like this that really make a difference. Keep up the good work =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyan Flurry
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to compile this list. It's the people that spend the time to improve the community like this that really make a difference. Keep up the good work =)
    Thanks for the thumbs-up. This is everyone elses good thoughts & hard work coming up with some meaningful ideas to improve this awesome game we're all addicted to. I just made it a little easier to read, somewhat.

    Kudos to you all! :worship:

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    Can we get this stickied or attached to the other suggestions forum somehow? This is a GREAT compilation of the suggestions forum! Good job! :D


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    While I do appreciate the list, I am very scared for you.

    Here, walk with me.

    See? There, look out this window. Say it with me, "Window." Look up. We like to call that "The Sun." I know you had to use your "Legs" to get over here...yes, legs, but you'll get used to them in time. :D

    In all seriousness, thanks for the list, you did a good job!

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    I reckon we need the ability to chat during cinematics.

    There's so many funny comments to be made about the Pot Noodle Horn, and the fact that Rurik doesnt even pick it up!

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    I cant see how many of those suggestions would help. It would completely change the game's economy.

    Secondly, a lot of them would either be too time consuming/costly to introduce or simply cant be done.

    Theres a big difference between intuitive and just plan easy.

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