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    Warlord Errtu

    Hells Precipice-easy mission-

    This mourning at about 12:30am i went into the mission with henchmen. I noticed that i was killing the titans and the Ashen monsters, quite easily. So i turned to my brother that was playing his new elementalist, and told him to get on his W/Mo, I also am a W/Mo, and get over here to do this mission with me. Well he said alright and figured we couldn't beat it before we even got in. We went in with the 2 monks the 2 fighters the cultist and the Elem henchmens, so basically 4 Warriors, 2 Monks, 1 Necro, 1 Elem.

    We started by killing the Burning Titans first, then the ashen that rouse from him, then the hand and fist, then we started on the second ashen, and then the hand and fist. After all that we totally bypassed the 2nd fight and went across the bridge on the left. Kill the 3 sparks, with ease, we went forward some more and there were 2 Titans and if i remember correctly some more sparks, kill the sparks first (in any fight you always kill sparks first), then kill the first titan then the second titan, then kill one of the ashen mobs, and the hand and fist from it, then go on the the other.

    Then move on there should be a pathway and a passage to the left through the mountains that will put you on the left of the pathway go south (its a pretty straight run) and you should meet up with a person called the Ancient Seer, he might be fighting something so you have to hurry and make sure he doesnt die ( this is were you get the bonus).

    Go forward some more and there should be a group of ashen and sparks, Kill sparks then the ashen, move on to the right and there should be a named, a titan, and a ashen, we killed named like 2nd since if you are fully infused the ashens hit like Pu$$ies, then killed the ashens.

    Get back on the path and keep killing and going, make sure to be pressing CTRL to see were the Armegeddon lords are, cuase that is were you need to go. When you get to were the armegeddon lords are, DONT GO IN ALL THE WAY, just sit back and let the lava spit out all the hands and fist and named mobs, alright, after you think everything is out then you may start.

    Here is the easy part if done correctly. READ CARFULLY!!!! have one of you sit back and keep all the henchmen, have the other go out and pull the 1st "A Lord" back as far as you can, Just make sure you are not in lava, that stuff hurts. Kill the first lord, move whole group forward a lil, keep henchmen back and pull the 2nd one. Kill him and kill the 3rd. REMEMBER YOU WILL NEED AT LEAST 2 REAL PEOPLE FOR THIS MISSION. Have the henchies stay back with one person, and pull 1 HAND/FIST at a time, Kill him ( they die quickly as you should already know). *****If you can use range weapons to pull lol, should have mentioned that earlier***** keep pulling singles and you should be fine, (DONT TRY TO PULL PORTAL WRAITHS, save them for last.)

    When everything is dead, you can finally kill wraiths. the best way to do this is to charge right in and kill one at a time, They are level 24 so they should be pretty easy, kill the 3 wraiths at each of the portals, that part is done.

    ***CUT SCENE***, after cut scene, pull the 4 hand/fist back and kill them. Then kill RURIK, he should run out at you if you get close enough. HES DEAD GET YOUR 100 BLADES ELITE SKILL!!!!!!!! Then try to pull the rest of the Hand/Fists mobs, and kill them. Go kill Spark and you should be dont with that part.

    ***CUT SCENE, Rurik will tell you whant needs to be done*** Run across the rock bridge the lava made and then watch where the Hand/Fist mobs run, then run after them, dont kill until, you go forward some more and you should come to the spot were usually all the people are trying to find groups and such for this mission. Pull the 2 hand/fist and kill them, then kill the other 2 hand/fist.

    Then the Lich will come out and play. start killing him. he will send someone into the lava hurry and get out. start killing him sone more. when he finally dies he will come back again and you have to kill him a 2nd time. (the 2nd time he spawns 2 hand/fist will spawn) the 2nd time i think he is pretty easy. well kill him and you are done. WOOT.

    ~AotA~ Agents of the Apocalypse.

    Have fun,
    Warlord Errtu ~Leader of AotA~
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    I was quite disappointed at the lack of difficulty of that mission as well, especially the Lich and Rurik. I don't think any of my team fell below 80% life. For a final mission I would have expected something tougher that actually required teamwork, not slash and cast enemies.

    Good job though.

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    i am trying this mission but cant seem to get it done, what skills did you and your brother used?

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    GWOnline.Net Member MoonUnit's Avatar

    This thread is from 2005; things have changed drastically since then, but that mission is still quite henchable.

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    with what skills and henchmans i really need that info I FREAKING JUST DIED AGAIN!
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    First, it would help to tell us what class you are. It would also help to tell us at what point you actually die.

    Second: A basic setup similar to "Mhenlo, Lina, Eve, Dunham, Cynn, Aidan, Devona, Thom" would do. Replace the hench of your own class with yourself - in any case avoid more than a max of 2 warriors in the team. Burning wammos put too much stress on the monks. If you're a caster, don't tank.

    Always kill Sparks first, then Burning Titans, then one Rising Ashen, then his spawning Hand and Fist, then the next Rising Ashen etc.

    After the first encounter with the Lich, and after you killed 2 spots of Sparks+co, you will cross some bridge things to the area in the northeast of the map. After crossing these bridges, the boss titan a bit south will scream "Skith ma tokh" (or so) and almost all red dots will run towards him. Don't make them see you while they run, and don't make them see you when they hang around near the boss. Just walk past them.

    Bring interrupts to reduce the amount of pain that the blasted Sparks can cause - the Rodgort thing is the one you really want to interrupt.

    Use the hench control flag and a longbow to pull single titans on the great field.

    Switch your secondary to /Ranger, and bring Winter. That should make Cynn a bit more useful.

    It's useful not to skip the cutscene where you meet Rurik. That way, half of the titan hands will charge at you right away and you don't have the hassle of pulling them without activating the sparks and the prince.

    It seems that it's now always required to kill the Lich 3 times on the bloodstone. Every time, he will summon some more titans. Kill the titans before engaging the Lich.
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    The Order Of Dii

    Just did this last night with my war.

    I had general, Dunk and tahlkora as my heroes ( general as support para Find Their Weakness, Go for the yes, some anthems, tahlkora as prot monk with shield of regeneration , dunk as healing monk ), both monk henchies, brawler hench and ranger hench.

    The tactics was quite simple :
    when I was approacihng a mob i flagged my h/hs at some properplace ( bridges, corners etc ) then went in killed things ... until i got to the portals.

    flagged my group again at the corridor I came in. Pulled all mobs 1 or 2 at time to my group, killed them, then killed portal wraiths...

    The same tactic after that until end..

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    I don't think that tjubutsi has Heroes, or he wouldn't suffer these problems with the mission. I can also imagine easily that he dies before even reaching the titan plains - there's that one nasty spot with 2 Rising Ashen and 3 Sparks just before the Seer. For some reason, I've almost always some henchs and heroes die there. Would be worse for someone without heroes and interrupts.

    If you still have problems with this mission after the advice and another try, I think I'm willing to try to help you through this. Give me a holler @ "Lytha Velour" later today.

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    thanks all for your advise going to try now (i have heroes (many)(warrior btw )()

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    why does every one says it is so simple, i still didnt get it past the sparks :(

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