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    bad call, bad call...

    a lot of people in the suggestion thread are saying they want more skill slots or to be able to change skills while outside of town.. and to them i say...

    what a horrible, horrible idea... you arent thinking about the betterment of the game you are just wanting to make your character more awesome.. im sure devs will be able to make intelligent decisions sorting through bad ideas and good, but seriously you guys you have to think past the end of your nose...

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    There are entire threads about this already, you could have found one of those to post in...this'll probably get merged, in fact.

    Anyway, there are good gameplay reasons for both those things, with limitations. Not that things will horribly suck if nothing is done, but I can put together a strong argument for allowing skills to be slowly changed while in a mission, and for more than 8 skill slots. Course, I've already listed all my reasoning in other threads, so it would be a waste of effort to do it again here (You can look them up if for some reason you care :P)

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