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    Graphics card question

    I have an HP. Im pretty sure the graphics card is an onboard card, so i know it cant be swaped out. I have a Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV graphics controller, a 2.49 GHz P4 with 512 MB of ram. I can play World of Warcraft pretty decent, but was looking to getting into Guild Wars. Im just wanting to know before i buy it, will i be able to run GW. Im not looking at trying to play it at full graphics settings. 800x600 will do fine by me. You dont have to tell me i have a crap system..this i already know. I just want to play GW, what do you think?

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    if you can handle Wow you should be able to handle guild wars. if anything you would have to knock down the video quality a notch or 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niteus
    Im pretty sure the graphics card is an onboard card, so i know it cant be swaped out.
    If you insert a graphics card in your AGP (if you have one, but I'm sure every motherboard after 1997 has either AGP or PCIE) it will replace the onboard card. You may have to turn it off in BIOS too.

    The point is, you CAN use a different graphics card. But your computer will probably be able to play GW.

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    My mobo had a pretty inadequate onboard video adapter on it. When I installed GW, it told me that my video adapter wasn't compatible. I said ok and was able to run GW on the lowest settings with a little bit of jumpyness. Also gave me problems with the graphics during character creation. Bottom line, though, was that I could play it.

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    Thanks for the info...i went out and bougt GW today, it runs on fairly well set on the lowest settings, a little jumpy, but not to bad. Thanks

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    Personally I'd spring for the $60 or so to get a decent new videocard... playing Guild Wars and other games smoothly on pretty settings is totally worth it.

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