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    i wanna go at glint again =\ but i don't want to do the whole mission over. do you know of any monsters that are huge like that like 1v8 anywhere past that? or is a patch coming or in expansion where you'll be able to fight giant things for practice or something, as much as i like fighting hordes of baddies i like focusing on a giant monster. it's more dragon-slayish-style RP mideivil

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    South of Temple of Ages I remember seeing a bone dragon that had a name.

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    ty much, any more anybody?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharper
    ty much, any more anybody?
    Fissure has 2 Dragon Lichs at Lvl 30.

    It is pretty much in the battle grounds where all the skeletons and shadow troops are...

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    Rotscale the Bone Dragon is lvl 30 and in Majestys Rest, surrounded by a bone dragon escort. Look at any of the many online maps for directions to Majestys Rest.

    Unfortunately, the game doesn't really have any 'raid' type content, so for now you're stuck waiting or playing another MMO.

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