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    Best Warrior helm, with my current build.

    Im a Paladin yes a W/Mo and am currently wearing this

    15k platemail armor/leggings/boots
    1,5k knights guantlets for the -2 dmg reduce
    and currently am wearing a helm with +1 swords and 80def (20 physical)
    ALL dyed black (cept for helm)

    So what I want to know is the best for this. Keep in mind i got the dmg reduce so thats good, and i knotice I got all platemail, maybe helm with 20physical armor?

    Please note that I dont want those other ones, I am looking like at Platemail helm, knights helm, ascalon helm etc.

    Unless there is a helm that would match me perfectly Id like to know price, where to craft etc. Id like a cool looking one too :happy14:

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    If you want swords, you must bite in the sour apple.

    Knights and Plate Helmets only give STR, as you know. And the pretty cool Prestige Ascalon Helmet gives TAC.

    Maybe a Gladiators Helmet from the Fissure of Woe... but I do not think so.

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