Hi there. I see questions about 20/20 gear or other specific collectors posted here on occasion, and thought it would be helpful to combine what everybody knows into one post.

Unfortunately, I do not have anything very desirable to add at this moment. The last "good" necromancer item i picked up from a collector was a 20/20 grim cesta that aided soul reaping skills, of which i don't believe any exist. (If anyone is curious, the collector lives in Droknar's Forge and takes 5 Stone Summit Badges.)

If you do know the details of any collectors that provide excellent Necromancer gear, please format your submission as such:

- Name of Collector:
- Location of Collector (be specific):
- Item and Quantity Required:
- Item Type:
- Item Statistics:

- If it is not too Much Trouble, the Monster that Drops the Required Item, and a Few Common Locations:

Hopefully this will be easier than scouring lots of random words with "collector" highlighted. Confirmation screen shots would be nice, though I will try my best to check reported fines, also.

I apologize if this isnt allowed, but the findings of the search button were awfully depressing.