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    Where is the poison arrow skill mission and...

    Is there any way in the Arenas for friends to fight together? If not, then is there any place where I can fight with my friends?

    And the poison arrow thing, I'm in Yak's Bend with my Ranger and I didn't see this mission anywhere but there was someone a lower level then me shot me with a poison arrow!!!

    Thanks for the help,
    Lord Nicomachus
    Gabriel Son of Nico
    Aniya of Gabriel

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    Other than being in the same guild, I dont think you can.

    And my guess is that the ranger got rushed thru Lornars Pass and somehow got a capture signet to get poison arrow (elite from a boss in witmans folly or something)

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    The skill Apply Poison can be found in the Ascalon Settlement which is north of Lion's Arch. I don't know if it can be found before then.


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    So if I'm in a guild, we can go to the Arena's and PVP together or how can we do that?

    And where is the poison arrow skill at? North of Lion's Arch or Witman's Folley or????

    If anyone knows which area he is in, or even exactly where that'd be fantastic.

    Gabriel Son of Nico

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    He's exactly in the Ascalon Settlement, north of Lion's Arch.

    There's a list of the locations right on the sites main page.

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    The skill Poison Arrow isn't available until Whitman's Folly; however, the skill Apply Poison is available in Ascalon Settlement, north of Lion's Arch. The first lets you shoot one poison arrow, whereas the second poisons all the arrows you shoot for a time. HTH

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    *didn't read the fine print*

    Thanks for the clarification, Ethereal.

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