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    Bounding box lock up

    I've searched the forum and can't find anything on this. Maybe others call it something else? But it's a problem that's making it difficult to painful for me to play my warrior. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or solutions?
    Scene runs something like this. I attack a single mob that's part of a group of 4 or more. The mob runs backwards into the group, another mob moves between me and the target. Instead of moving around to continue fighting my character will 'lock up' standing in defense mode and must be manually moved left or right or even backed up a ways before it follows. This happens often enough to make it more than annoying, often as much as 3 or 4 times a fight. Combine this with "Target lockdown" and the fast pace of the game and it can hurt or kill teams.
    By the end of some fights I'm beating on the keyboard and swearing and my spousal unit is giving me "That Look".
    Anyone else noticing this "lock up" thing and does anyone have any suggestions or help here? (besides deleting my warrior which I really don't want to do as I like the class otherwise a lot)
    I tend to be a 60/40 keyboard and mouse user. Much prefer to use keyboard targeting as mouse targeting here doesn't really work that well for melee. With the "target lock down" feature in game, trying to switch targets once fight has started with any degree of accuracy can be trying and annoying since I've found cycleing through mobs can send me dashing off attacking a mob not even in the aggroed group. Not to mention if you've already called the target and others are already on it changing targets is not really a good option.

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    I think that's part of the game design, so players can protect others. It should be taken out though, it's very annoying.

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    [QUOTE=Lil Jimmy Norton]I think that's part of the game design, so players can protect others. It should be taken out though, it's very annoying.[/QUOTE

    After analyzing several fight situations I'm beginning to think there's a bug in the system.

    In UW it's standard to have 2 or 3 warriors block the stairs with their bodies while healers and casters stand behind. Yesterday while fighting there I had this happen several times;
    3 warriors blocking stairs standing shoulder to shoulder spaced just enough to protect. Should be a reasonably good way to hold back and fight the blades.
    Ranger pulled. Two healers and an elementalist behind. Except on several occasions the blades would totally ignore the block not even slowing for a second and run over us to kill the ranger then smash through the healers.
    If I meet a similar but reversed situation with mobs ahead and between me and my target I "lock up" and must back up or manually move sideways to get around, even then there must be a certain amount of space between edge of mobs bounding box and the side of the terrian.
    This also happens to henchmen all the time. They are notorious for locking up and not moving, hunched in defense mode, until you switch targets. Yet the monster AI often moves smoothly around obsticles. Or ignores them, like the blades did several times in UW.
    I'm not sure what is going on beyond that, but it seems like the code is not being applied evenly here. Player/henchman AI is missing a line or two. While I can apprecate that this might be an attempt to make the game more challenging, and I like a good challenge, what I'm really seeing with this is carpal tunnel aggravation.
    Has anyone found a good way to work with this? I've tried mouse walk off and on. Doesn't seem to help any. Any ideas?
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    Well, unfortunately, I don't think it affects monsters, only players.

    Again, I say remove it because it makes playing a Warrior in PVP all the more a pain in the ***...but whatever.

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