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    Question Necromancers... who uses Curses?

    Do you use curses at all?

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    Curses are very useful at times...

    In the beginning, I wasn't too crazy about curses because I was mostly interested in life stealing spells, but now that the missions have become more challenging, I found their usefulness of helping any team I join up with through them.

    My N/W20 (Heart Melter) uses them mostly on "Cooperative Missions." Here are a few of my favorites that have been a great help during several of the quests and missions.

    Mark of Pain (very useful when the enemy is cloistered close together dishing out cold damage to adjacent enemies while hitting your target)

    Parasitic Bond (degenerates the enemy's health and returns a good amount to your character when it expires: often the first spell I cast)

    Suffering (target AND nearby foes suffer health degeneration of 2, again when they're cloistered together)

    Weaken Armor (target suffers armor penalty of -20 against physical attacks, useful when your team is attacking a boss)

    These, coupled with Well of Blood (Blood Magic) as well as a good team of different skillsets have played paramount roles in the Ascension Quests.

    Look at the Big Picture and give them a chance. With the exception of Parasitic Bond, the quest and mission teams I've been on did benefit from the ones mentioned above.

    Good luck and happy boss hunting!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    I use death and curses. Mobs drop alot faster when they have their armor weakened and their health dropping at about 10-12 per second. Dropping faster means that I can get minions up sooner. And if I'm going into an area that has alot of undead, like Black Curtain, I'll swap out my corpse spells for more curses. Of course I'll bring along PE for those times when I run into Necrid Horsemen or Zombie Warlocks with lots of Grasping Ghouls around them.

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    Curses = Yummy

    My necro uses Blood/Curses. Life Siphon, Faintheartedness, Parasitic Bond (equalling incredible degen, and good HP for me) is usually cast on every target in range, as the first finishes recharging after the last is cast. I don't know how I could live without curses. :happy34:

    Soul barbs is also a good one, if you're using curses a lot, as is mark of pain for clustery type critters.

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    When I run FoW/UW, I usually play as support and not a nuker.

    Life Siphon One of the more basic blood spells.
    Blood Ritual Mana regen during battles, or when Monks/Nukers don't feel like going into my Well of Power.
    Vampiric Gaze No-resistance damage spell. :]
    Well of Power Essential.

    Shadow of Fear See suffering.
    Mark of Pain I've never seen this work, but I cast it in anyway since it's cheap.
    Suffering Coupled with Shadow of Fear, you got yourself an AoE Faintheartedness, and for a longer duration, 39sec and 25sec respectively.
    Weaken Armor Any armor debuff is helpful, especially against those nasty Aataxes.

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    Im currently trying a curses/domination magic build for my N/Me.

    I have mainly been doing FoW with that character and use:

    Parasitic Bond: cheap, gives nice bit of health, cast it on a monster thats just about to die and u get 120 health. The degen is not great enough to do anything really but it is an extra 40 dmg if it lasts 20 seconds.

    Spiteful Spirit - Elite: Use on melee fighters for best effect, unfortunatly it works on 'skills' not 'spells' else it would be great for casters too.

    Empathy: All part of the plan. More damage to self for the foe.

    Insidious Parasite: Nice skill, gives quite a bit of health, again best used on fighters i think. Im a little confused over this spell. It says "hits with an attack" i assume that doesnt count spells and such from elementals.
    Also at times i dont get any health when it is attacking only when it dies do i get a load of +20+20+20+20+20 over my head. Bug, feature or just display hiccup? anyone else notice this?

    Mark of Pain: Cast on what all the warriors in your party are attacking and it acts like an AoE spell, and with 40 dmg a time thats pretty nice damage. Just gota hope warriors are doing physical damage.

    Desecrate Enchantments: Love this skill just for its name alone :)
    This can be very effective in PvP, especially against those koreans who love to stick together and are enchanted to the max :D. Remember even if the target doesnt have an enchantment it will still take 60 damage (around that of Vampire gaze) yet this will do adjacent foes.
    Great to see -80 -60 -100 -60 -120 appear over the foes. Think i did 180 to an elementalist once :)

    Backfire / Chaos Storm: Backfire good for casters. Chaos storm good for goups - AoE which the AI dont bother to move from, altho damage bit low. Not for use in PvP.

    The idea on this build is to let them kill themselves. Spitefull Sprit (35), Empathy (25) and Insidious Parasite (20) means that the foe takes 35+25+20=80 each time it attacks. However it does lack a bit of monk killing for PvP. And i cant seem to make a good one using Curses.

    Other Comments:

    Soul Barbs is a nice idea but it takes to long to recharge in my eyes. It needs to be ready at the start of your attack to have best effect and it always seemed not to be. Casting time seems a bit long too.

    Weaken Armor iv always thought -20 wasnt really helpfull. Can anyone say how much extra damage this allows to be dealt?

    Defile Flesh is usefull in PvP

    Also the problem i find with Curses is that many of them have 15 energy cost, which always seems a lot harder to reach when you have 0 energy, feels like an eternity, and not sure the extra cost is justified on most of them.

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    Why hasn't anyone listed Awaken the Blood in the above builds? I don't know about you but I thuroughly enjoy having an extra +2 skill points in my Blood/Curses catagory while firing off my skills.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Necro Idol
    Why hasn't anyone listed Awaken the Blood in the above builds? I don't know about you but I thuroughly enjoy having an extra +2 skill points in my Blood/Curses catagory while firing off my skills.
    Because that means you other skill must be blood magic (else it wont last very long) and perhaps people are choosing another skill set. Like me, who is/was using Curses and Domination Magic. Putting awaken to blood in wouldnt be very good for that build. But i would agree that awaken the blood is a nice skill and i was using it when i was mainly using blood magic, and think i would be a must have if your making a Blood / curses build. I think ill try that sometime.

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    GWOnline.Net Member ccrazool's Avatar

    Awaken the blood can be a great tool, even with no points invested in blood magic. The +2 still applies to all your curses, and if you have no curses which call for sacrifices, it's even better. Sure it's low low duration if you haven't spent on blood magic, but that's no different than say, Glyph of Elemental Power is for elementalists.

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    Curses are very powerful when used well.

    I like to use the faintheartedness and enfeeble combo (or enfeebling blood/shadow of fear.) It shuts non-casters down fairly well and really helps your team.

    If you have a decent group mark of pain is amazing. The problem is everyone runs around with fiery dragon swords/elemental weapons these days. This skill will never work with a pick-up group.

    Curses are absolutely brutal when used well, just plant your curses right. Want to have some real fun in PvP? Combine martyr with plague sending, you become an AoE condition machine.

    As for weaken armor being -20, remember 20 armor is the difference between a warrior's armor and a caster's armor.

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