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    Types of people on GW

    I've come to the conclusion that there are several player types that seem to be quite commonplace in the Guild Wars, especially when playing in a PUG. Here's my overview:

    1. The Elitist: The Elitists seem to pop up quite frequently, and they are often leaders of groups. Elitists despise other non-elitists, and generally play the game alone with henchman. When in a PUG, they feel compelled to repeatedly assert their superiority and experience, also attempting to control every aspect of their group during a mission. These are the people that will draw overly-complex and elaborate diagrams on the map constantly, so as to bolster their own bloated self-image. If you don't know a particular mission like the back of your hand, or aren't doing your job to the personal standards of an Elitist... expect to be berated, insulted, and belittled. Along with having no patience for failure, they try to control everything and anything they can at all times. If their authority ever comes into question, they are fast to assert the claim that they've beaten the game with all the different class combinations and done this all a millions times before. Elitists are generally the people that criticize others for spelling incorrectly, and feel compelled to try and correct bad behavior on the main chat channels. Elitists also feel a compulsive need to report people, often times for ridiculous reasons. Despite ususally being fluent speakers, Elitists have absolutely no people skills. Elitists also have an affinity for henchman, and when forced to group with other human beings, will often treat the group as impersonally as they would a group of computer henchmen. Elitists are wildly arrogant, and will refuse to listen to others despite being obviously wrong.

    2. The Narcissist: These people you will encounter all too frequently. Narcissists will usually make it very clear that they dislike PUG groups from the get-go, and will repeatedly assert that the game can be easily beat using henchman alone. Narcissist behavior becomes clear from the start of the mission, as you can tell they either cannot or will not work with the team. If they are a monk, they'll forego healing/ressurecting mid mission to loot some expensive item. They could care less about the team, and care only about completing the mission for themselves. If anything goes wrong, the Narcissist will never take responsibility, it is always someone elses fault. These people often sign on for missions, complete the bonus, and then leave the rest of the team. They'll usually log off as soon as they've gotten what they want. If the mission starts to go badly, they are usually the first to bail out. The Narcissist will often go AFK mid-game, with no explanation, since a Narcissist cannot see beyond his own situation. In the Narcissist's mind, his actions have no effect on others whatsoever.

    3. The Pessimist: The Pessimist are the people you see constantly complaining and whining. They have no faith in ArenaNet whatsoever, and tend to be very "doom and gloom". Pessimists see change as a terrible thing, and most would have preferred if the Guild Wars Beta had never gone retail at all. They see every game-change in an upgrade as a personal attack upon them, and usually proceed to write page-long posts in various forums about their complaints, and how Guild Wars is going down the tube. You can usually spot these people very easily in Guild Wars, as most can be found lurking in the major cities, *****ing in the main channel about how so-and-so was nerfed, and how Anet doesn't know anything. Pessimists tend to be rather self-centered, often times failing to see anything beyond their own idea of what Guild Wars should be. Pessmists also have a false sense of self-value, and will threaten to leave Guild Wars repeatedly, thinking that this will somehow impact the decision-making process. They usually never make good on such threats.

    4. The Criminal: This includes the scammers, thieves, and exploiters that tend to frequent GW. They have absolutely no care for other people's property, or the game economy. These are the type of people that exploit bugs, run scams, and lie with every breath in their body. Some of them are rather fluent, and use this to an advantage when executing such scams. They will often times prey on Retards, as they make easy targets for their schemes. Criminals are widely diverse, some being intelligent, and others being dumber than stumps. They see deception as the only way to obtain things, and will rarely ever work for themselves to accomplish something. They would much rather steal than earn something on their own. It goes without saying that most people in the criminal group are sociopaths by nature. They see rules and limitations as personal challenges, and despite their intentions, can never integrate correctly with the community.

    5. The Retard: The Retard is the most common in GW, as they usually roam in loosley organized gangs. Which is strange considering Retards are generally textbook sociopaths. Retards possess little or no communication skills, and if they use the chat at all, it's to insult, brag, or spam constantly. Retards will often times spam the chat field with insults and/or stupidity, but also abuse the map draw function. Retards, due to their inherent ineptitude, are usually ill-equipped to complete missions alone, and therefore will frequently use PUGs to get ahead. Due to the fact that most retards aren't identifiable right away, it's quite easy for them to infiltrate groups. That said, Retards have little or no understanding of the game, or how it works, as most of their items and experience was either given to them by friends or leeched from other gamers. Retards exist soley to ruin the game experience for as many people as possible. They have absolutely no concept of teamwork, and display a flagrant inability to follow the most simple of instructions. The Retard is an anarchist in the truest sense of the word, and despises order of any kind, or success of any kind.
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    I think I'm #3... ;)

    You can expect bad players in your groups. That's just the nature of online play. Just appreciate the good ones and roll with the punches when you get the bad ones.
    Perhaps the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others...

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    Im 1 5 6, lol, sometimes in a certain
    aslo stfu
    u missed the number three
    u number 6

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    Hey, I'm offended :/ I'm part Narcissist, part Elitist, by many of those traits. But I'm mildly autistic, I have trouble with people skills due to that. I don't make demands on my teams, I have faith in them and listen to direction. But I do do a lot of things with henchmen, including some missions, because it's hard to find groups sometimes. I've grabbed rare drops in the middle of a fight cause well.. I couldn't help myself :P Then again I'm a warrior, as long as the enemy is still hitting me I'm alllll good. As an Aspie (the form of Autism I "have", Asperger's Syndrome) with an IQ of 166 (and no social IQ), it's part of my nature to want to see a system, and take it apart and see how it works. It's what we do. Detail focused, "how does it work" always on the mind. So sometimes the information I provide, giving advice is seen as being an elitist.

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    Well... i dunno even what am i :)

    I beat the whole game with henchies, but it's not because i hate people or something :) It was because i wanted to check out each piece of the map/mission and didn't want anyone to be pissed if anything goes wrong by my fault :) Well, now when i know the game and what to do in each mission, where to find the bonuses etc i can freely group with other people and not be called a noob, a retard and so on :)

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    It seems to me that you your self are a bit pessimistic, you didn’t not mention one good thing or one type of good people found in the game. How about this one:

    1) The Paladin who selflessly will help others no matter what level they are or what quest there on (if time permitting since some of us are not on the same timeline or not half way through a mission when asked) willing to die first or to die to save others, first to say sorry or not rip people off or to give something to a person in need? In short some one who has honor.

    For this is what I am and always trying to help and better my self, yes I make mistakes and am the first to say sorry when I do, for I am not prefect far from it but one hast to make mistakes to learn from them.

    2) The lady, usually a mesmer from my experience, usually the person in the group
    who is quick to be supportive and helpful in word as in action the one who tries to
    keep the peace when people start to disagree.

    Those are just the two I can think of off the top of my head.

    Remember this saying…..

    It starts with “us” not them…

    Yes there are bad things but try to be part of the good for we need everyone.



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    I play the game because it's fun.

    Am i weird?

    *edit* weird or wierd... "(i before e except after c)" so im guessing the correct spelling is wierd! Eh i dunno :o
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitzy
    I play the game because it's fun.

    Am i weird?
    You're insane! ;)

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    Nicely written, which type do you think you are?

    To be honest I don't see me fitting into any of these, I just want to kill time and at the same time "get goot loot"!

    At least that's my idea of fun :D

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    You forgot the...

    Terrible PvPers!

    these people are very common on the PvP board. They seem to think that X class or X skill is broken because they lost to a build that ran it, when in reality, they just suck and the other people are better

    these are my least favorite people in GW

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