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    How to defeat all ranger team??

    I didn't won any battle when I was playing against all Ra team.
    So how to defeat them?
    They place traps everywhere so we die when we acctualy running to them.
    Is there good solution because they r not comming to us, and battle may last forever?

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    GWOnline.Net Member AnGeLiQuE's Avatar

    Yes..Surrender! We Rangers > All :happy34:

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    Bone horrors set traps off ;)

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    yeah, but I am not necro and i wouldnt use exploit.
    Is there any smart solution??

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    Using bone horrors to set off traps is not an exploit... because the bone horror would die by the trap.

    beating an all ranger team would be tough. I think a good mix of necro curses, mesmer hexes, and some warriors might do the trick.

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    you could try waiting 90 seconds for the traps to reset. since all ranger traps last 90 seconds.

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    GWOnline.Net Member TW III's Avatar

    My prediction is the game will be very mesmer/necro based very soon. An all ranger team usually has very few ways of removing hexes and some hex nukers plus secondary monks using pacifism and other skills to temporary disable their team members should work.
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    GWOnline.Net Member TheNug's Avatar

    monks should be able to keep 1 person alive when they set off traps.

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    With my build i usually rape ranger builds.. along with most other builds..

    2 war.. 1sword 1 w/e knockdown/aftershock
    the basic 3 monks
    disease necro
    minion necro(ruins traps)
    and either a mesmer, or every once in a while a spirit ranger..

    this build doesnt sound very good.. but balanced.. and hold altars well..
    the ranger must be R/E with spirits and wards.. so u have defense against the spike build.. or go mesmer to shut one down one monk.. and the 2 warriors split the other 2.. so each monk is gitting attacked.. take out the monks... then the rangers..or any other class.. gits raped.. as long as necro keeps disease..

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    GWOnline.Net Member Xandu's Avatar

    If your doing a Spike build, you will not beat an all ranger team. A good balance of professions should be able to destroy them. They have very few self-heals, traps are avoidable. I reccomend at least one or two good mesmers to make sure you win.

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