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    Post Your Fav team to have

    Post what you think every team should have for 4 man 6 man and 8 man teams. Just talking Primarys. U can add secondary if u want

    4 man-
    Anything else

    6 man-
    Warrior x2
    Monk x2

    8 man-
    Warrior x2
    Monk x2

    Plz don't rant about me not having a Necromancer in here i feel very deeply for them. Because for one lol i'm a necro but there is no real need for one they don't do anything special unless your looking for minion master. The only reason why i get into groups is cuz i'm a Nuker/Death Mage. Well post ur dream team

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    I don't have any ideals really, other than I like the team to be balanced. A team with a nice spread of classes can usually get round most obstacles (of course, monks in the latter missions especially are valuable, but some people do over-emphasize the monk arguement).

    I'm more concerned about the opposite, I hate parties that are dominated by 1 or 2 classes. You cannot beat diversity :). In an 8 man team I'd rather have 2 warriors and a necro, than 3 warriors (although 3 out of 8 isn't too bad for an 8 man).

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    My dream team would be:
    - W/Me
    - W/N
    - Me/N
    - E/Me
    - R/E
    - N/E
    - Mo/N (healing)
    - Mo/Me (protection)

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    GWOnline.Net Member tzunoch's Avatar

    well we are all aware that any build can fight any other build, necros and mesmers can beat warriors and any other class if properly equipped.

    Well it also holds true for teams, almost any build can work, but not only do you need the right equipment, but the right coordination. Spike groups can only go so far. It all depends on both the individual skill of the players and their ability to work together. Oh, and necros well of blood is very handy.

    Also, more on a pvp note, Monks should only carry a res signet if any kind of res at all, if you're a monk and you're stuck rezzing, then you're not healing, and people are dying, therefore defeating the purpose of rezzing.

    sorry about the side rant

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    I would say

    1 Oink
    2 Joe
    3 Alesia (a must)
    4 Gwen
    5 me myself and I
    6 a guildmember (the only players you can trust, they dont quit, dont annoy and make the game fun)
    7 a newbie who is happy that someone explains that you only need to press T
    8 is always the quiter, who thinks he knows everything and leaves after 15min(those people you can talk about over days...they allways make my day)

    Its about fun, no best team needed, we survived the fissure quests with a team of 6 W/Mo (Paladin power), the only time i really needed to change groupmembers was with 4 Necros, all making bone horrors..one less powerfull then the other...we lost big times.

    So how about
    1 - 2 Close combat classes
    1 - 2 Healers (can be 2nd class monks)
    1 nice Nuker typ
    and the rest of other classes

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