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    Necromancer Armor Pics

    What I'd like to see done is get people to post their 15k necromancer armor pics along with what crafting components it required, that way all these 15k armor threads stop popping up.

    Please please please don't post "I want to see..." "Please post..." as it will just eat up the whole thread :happy05:

    I'll go hunt stuff down now and add it to this...

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    Additions Part 1

    Okay, so far I've gathered the following:

    Male Cultist - not dyed?? - Credit: Unknown

    Male Cultist - dyed silver - Credit: The Sewage

    Female Cultist - undyed?? - Credit: GestorterEngel

    Male Bonelace - undyed?? Credit: GestorterEngel
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    Female Necro Fissure - undyed - Credit: Unrealer

    Female Bonelace but with Blood Stained Boots - Boots dyed black, tunic red+silver, leggings and gloves undyed - Credit: calderstrake

    Male Bonelace - undyed - Credit: Kyy Nisaro

    *wipes brow* That's a lot of surfing. Going to go see if I can find more! I unfortunately don't know what crafting components are required. We'll need to figure that out somehow

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    Female variety. They each say what they are - undyed - Credit: xSeiferx

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    could someone compile pics of regular armors too for comparison purposes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeeperscreepers

    could someone compile pics of regular armors too for comparison purposes?
    Those have been compiled already, it's just that they're unfortunately only showing the female versions..

    "Regular" Female armors

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    well if people wanna know the materials required here ya goes...

    granite citadel - http://img193.echo.cx/my.php?image=gw0527hh.jpg

    marhans grotto - http://img193.echo.cx/my.php?image=gw0535fz.jpg


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    GWOnline.Net Member UndeadBehlial's Avatar

    Per snowkissed's request, I'll sticky this for a while until people get used to the armor :)

    Nice job.
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    GWOnline.Net Member Pythonix's Avatar

    ill post my dyed black 15k female bonelace later today, also, i have 15k tormentors but it looks identical *sadface* ...im at college now so i cant post it ;p

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    GWOnline.Net Member anthor's Avatar

    Here's my 15k bonelace, the tunic is the collectors version from the desert. All dyed a green/orange/orange mix.

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