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    Quote Originally Posted by HP Shadows
    Where is that big skull-moon thing?
    The "skull moon" was part of the Halloween holiday event and was only a temporary addition to Guild Wars

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    Bah that's a shame, it would've replaced Perdition Rock as my favourite spot for character shots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alondrin
    Is there a guide or a chart of how or where to get all these great armors from start to finish??

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    I finally got around to getting a 15k armor set. Iíd been thinking about it for months and then just finally thought why the heck not? Whats the point of sitting on hundreds of thousands if youíre not going to buy something with it?. Now I guess Iíll have to get off my butt and go find some fissure armor, though I think Iím still short on the million needed for most fissure sets, and I need Gordacís Needle so I can toss the gold truncheon Iíve had since forever.

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    Here is Aayala at the castle in the sky peer in Fishermans Haven.

    The castle just about everyone in guild wars wants to live in.

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    I hate to ask you guys to do this, but I'm poor and would still like to see a mix that I believe would kick. I'd like to see and tatoo/scar pattern chest and maybe arms w/ tormentor leggings and boots. The arms may look good w/ torm. gloves, not sure. The dye is up to you but I'd like to see red, black, blue or silver. Any will please me. I ask b/c no one posted a mix of that type. I'd like to see what you guys think would look best. Thanks folks. Once I get that armor, I will post an update thanking you.

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    So I got bored and decided I like green... This is green+green+blue on armor and I think it was just plain green on both staves. I hit that particular green with the head scar with just green+blue.

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    hi just wana ask for a combo, can i have fow pants on female necro light skinned and any boots except fow , with droks tormentor, droks tats and 15k bonelace top and any goves execpt fow, cos i only got enough for pants atm but have those tops wana see if ill look silly or okies tyyy

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    8K Scar Pattern armor all dyed silver. The face scar dyes a little lighter than the rest.

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    BTW is might post my 15k bonelace when i find out how to do that.
    Bcuz i think there simply aren't enough pictures of it.
    And looking at necrotic whole the time gets bit of boring:P

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