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    Sorry...im an idiot...is there a post of the 15k Tormentor's armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punk Bob
    Speaking of necro armor.. i want to know wat the rest of the FoW armors look like. :jig:
    FOW armour only have one look regardless of armour types.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SelfIsolation
    Sorry...im an idiot...is there a post of the 15k Tormentor's armor?
    Looks the same as the 1.5K armor, currently.

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    Amber Persuasia
    Hello, nice pics, keep em coming, I like to see them in different colors. I have this topic bookmarked.

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    Double posted
    Last edited by Rizzy; 26-07-2005 at 20:40.

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    Heres my attempt at an original necromancer look without a 15k amour.

    I think its good enough.
    Collectors top.
    Bonelace Leggings (the expensive ones dont look nice as its strips of cloth dangling down)
    And 8k Scars for the hands.


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    15k Necrotic with silver dye

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    15k Necrotic Dyed Blue-Silver

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    1.5k Tormentors Chest/Boots, 15k Bonelace Leggings, 8k Arm Scar Pattern

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    I have yet to see female 15k Tormentor's armor. Yeah.. there was a male one, I know. Would be nice if that was posted.

    I don't see either.. was it not updated?

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