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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyshen View Post
    I so wish the males got the eyeliner too..
    is ti possible to see all elona's face scar patterns?
    i 've seen someone already did it for the tyria's and cantha's patterns but i 'd like to see the new ones...
    I want to buy a new scar for my necro but the parchment preview at the armor crafter doesnt show u anything...
    if someone could do that that would be very nice

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    been meaning to post it here for sa while, my necros canthan 15k.

    (I even resized it to 800x600 from 1280x1024 for you low bandwidth users =D)

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    My Tormentor 15k

    Sorry in advance, if this armor/color combo has been posted, but there's over 1,100 post to sift through

    I tried to dye it red, but came out more of a brown, so I tried different combinations. I settled on blue+green, and it came out a really dark green, that almost looks black.

    I also have 15k Bonelace dyed red, 15k Necrotic dyed red, & 1.5 Tyrian dyed red+purple+green, which gives it a maroon, or deep red color. All sets have different configurations of runes. The Bonelace is infused.

    I keep the armor stored in bags with runes of holding, which allows me to change it on the fly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryuujinx View Post
    been meaning to post it here for sa while, my necros canthan 15k.

    (I even resized it to 800x600 from 1280x1024 for you low bandwidth users =D)
    Thanks for keeping us handicapped in mind. How do you go about getting that full screen shot with out all the other stuff cluttering it up?

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    Vissious Blade
    Quote Originally Posted by krynis View Post
    Not 15k but I thought i would post the dye if nothing else... its just Blue+Yellow but wow does it every look good IMO.

    Nice mix, Krynis.

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    umm, I used the command line -noui, you'll also have to use the -password commnand line to be able to login (since there won't be a ui you can't type your password)

    so go add the following to your shortvut of guildwars

    -password password -noui

    replace the second password with your own of course.
    so it will look like this:

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    Or, you could just hold SHIFT and press Printscreen. That will do the trick. (CTRL + SHIFT + H should also disable the UI iirc, shift only do it for the screenie)

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    Thanks for the info, guys!! I now have some nice screens I'll post later.

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    As promised, my Prophecies armor sets. The one on the left, is my Tyrian 1.5 I got from Cantha. The rest is 15k.

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    I give u Touji Goshou in her new FoW armor dyed all white:

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