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    Quote Originally Posted by Penelope
    I like the armors! How long did it take to get?
    I had money saved up for about 3 pieces. It took about a week to two weeks to save up. I bought the Bonelace Leggings, because the skirt was cuter... haha. And then I bought the Cultists Tunic, and I didn't like it... so I bought the Bonelace Tunic. I ended up going broke, and people in my guild gave me money, because they had already hit level 20, and came to the end of the game, and had all this money they didn't need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakrath Ahn
    Is there actually an 8k/15k Facial scar? And if so, does it look diffrent then the regular one?
    They don't actually; I only saw Chest, Arm, Leg and Foot scars at Marhan's. I've yet to check out a collector scar though, perhaps those are different.

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    Folks, I'm going to kindly ask you not to clog up this thread with questions. The purpose of this specific thread is to just post pictures. Please post your questions in a new thread.

    Male 15k Tattoos - undyed. Credit: ??

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    no spam no spam but...

    only tunic atm lol :lol:

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    GWOnline.Net Member naka's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by ctrl alt da leet
    no spam no spam but...

    only tunic atm lol :lol:
    that looks much better than the original one

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Not to steal your thunder Ctrl (I saw you in game :D ) But I got the 15k Necrotic that was recently updated (dyed black, of course).

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    GWOnline.Net Member Sophias's Avatar

    Here's me wearing normal Fanatic's leggings, necrotic boots and gloves, and 15k bonelace, all dyed blue + blue + green:

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    I managed to catch someone wearing a female set of the upgraded necrotic armor (the one from the recent patch). Like the male set, very nice looking. :D

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    GWOnline.Net Member Goathands's Avatar

    And because there just isn't enough of it yet...

    Again 15k new Necrotic set. Dyed green. Still playing with the colors on this one...I had it blue + green + blue + black but it was still VERY bright and I wanted a dark teal...ended up going to green since I was too poor for anything else. So we'll have to see what happens with this set. I'll probably just end up making it black. :)

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    Hm.... I'm not digging the new 15k Necrotic set. Did they update the 15k Bonelace?

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