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    Quote Originally Posted by SepticFlesh
    Sorry to go against your request of not posting but could some one please tell me what that evil looking black armor is. I think that will be the one I buy, either that or the Necrotic cause that looks wicked too!
    Who posted it? A few people are in black.

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    I think he means 'ctrl alt da leet' 's post. That would happen to be the most expensive Necromancers armor ingame :D . Personally, I only like the Tunic, with the horns sticking out of the shoulder, the rest just look like some sort of gothic sexual mashochism suit. The armor is the Fissure of Woe armor I think.

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    Ah sorry, yes I did mean the picture he posted. What kind of armor is it though, same as?

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    How can you save all that money for all that 15k armor? Specially those expensive rare crafting materials! I just dont know how you can get more than 30k without buying virtual gold GW money in the internet or in E-Bay....

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    People, kindly ask your questions outside of this thread. This is a picture thread only!

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    dont know if fissure for male was posted yet im not going to go through all the pages

    Dyed-Black Credit: Frost X

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    My character Dakrath Ahn, wearing the 15k Necrotic boots, gloves and leggings, and the normal chest/face scars. All dyed black.

    PS: Slightly influenced by Prince of Persia : Sands of Time.

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    cool pics, i know were not "meant" to ask questions, but oh well. where is the collector for the dester tunic? i just need a location.

    as for fissure armour, there are no bonuses right? so ur shelling out how much just to look like you've had an accident in a black thorn bush?

    and has any1 noticed, necromancer female armour is all about showing off cleavage- thing bonelace 15k, any scar pattern armour, the desert tunic, even the corset like tormentors (heaving busems spring to mind). skaterly clad females to make any 34B heave.

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    The collector for the Tunic is right outside Heroes Audience. And believe it or not, he wants Bleached Carpaces. :D

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