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    Ele/Nec - Question

    Is it possible to make an Ele/Nec with nice damage, but also a nice amount of minions to tank for you? I'm just wondering, if i wanted to have lots of minions with moderate life, would I have to sacrifice so much ele attribute points, that I would be weak?

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    Its not really a matter of weak spells, its more a matter of sufficient energy. Minions are costly for the most part, so e/n with minions seem to scramble for energy. A fellow guildie runs a minion heavy e/n, and his attribute layout is Energy Storage 10, Death 12, Fire 9, with a superior fire rune and minor energy storage rune. He uses low cost AoE spells to kill, like font and inferno. He was running it initially with shower and meteor, but the casting cost for them usually meant he was unable to cast minions by the time the battle ended. You could do the same build with water by using water trident and ice spear.

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    All I can say is that E/N is bad with minions. Minions favors primary Necro due to Soul Reaping.

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