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    15k Ranger Armor pictures

    Okay, folks, I went around and found all the 15k pictures I could.

    Please please please do NOT post in this thread saying "I want to see..." or "What does [blah] look like" as it just unnecessarily clutters up the thread!

    However, do feel free to post what pictures you have that haven't already been posted in here!

    Here they come...
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    Male Drakescale - Black - Credit: Ravanous

    Female Drakescale - Undyed?? - Credit: Chyra DeathBlade

    Female Drakescale - Undyed - Credit: A Famine

    Male Drakescale - Undyed?? - Credit: Nirael Soel(?)

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    Female Drakescale - Nameless mix (author not saying) - Credit: Legeon

    Female Studded Leather Vest Only - Undyed - Credit: GrimSoul

    Male Drakescale - Green-Black - Credit: anthor

    Male Drakescale - Red (Mask is black) - Credit: Riayne Crimsonglade

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    Female Frosted - Undyed?? - Credit: GestorterEngel

    Female Drakescale - Black - Credit: A Famine

    Male Studded Leather - Silver - Credit: Orthias

    Female Druid's Armor - Undyed?? - Credit: haaat

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    Female Collector - Undyed - Credit: Cantos

    Male Frostbound - Undyed - Credit: chaose

    Male Fissure - Undyed?? - Credit: A Famine

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    *collapses* Oh my god that was tiring..

    Okay, again, please don't spam this thread!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed
    *collapses* Oh my god that was tiring..

    Okay, again, please don't spam this thread!!
    No spamming, just a heartfelt thank you for the work :)

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    I would like to bring to your attention, the 15k FoW FEMALE Ranger armor.
    It was posted in a thread, at Guild Wars guru. Credit to Amoschild.


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    Hey, I see a lack of 15k Studded Leather so I thought i'd post a picture of my ranger, Runnik Lore, his is dyed black.

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    Just so someone doesn't get angry, the male fissure armor was from Guild Wars Guru and not from me(I didn't know who I got it from). Credits actually go to Canook for the picture or BadMoonie for the actual purchasing of the armor.

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