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    15k Ranger Armor pictures

    Okay, folks, I went around and found all the 15k pictures I could.

    Please please please do NOT post in this thread saying "I want to see..." or "What does [blah] look like" as it just unnecessarily clutters up the thread!

    However, do feel free to post what pictures you have that haven't already been posted in here!

    Here they come...
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    Male Drakescale - Black - Credit: Ravanous

    Female Drakescale - Undyed?? - Credit: Chyra DeathBlade

    Female Drakescale - Undyed - Credit: A Famine

    Male Drakescale - Undyed?? - Credit: Nirael Soel(?)

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    Female Drakescale - Nameless mix (author not saying) - Credit: Legeon

    Female Studded Leather Vest Only - Undyed - Credit: GrimSoul

    Male Drakescale - Green-Black - Credit: anthor

    Male Drakescale - Red (Mask is black) - Credit: Riayne Crimsonglade

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    Female Frosted - Undyed?? - Credit: GestorterEngel

    Female Drakescale - Black - Credit: A Famine

    Male Studded Leather - Silver - Credit: Orthias

    Female Druid's Armor - Undyed?? - Credit: haaat

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    Female Collector - Undyed - Credit: Cantos

    Male Frostbound - Undyed - Credit: chaose

    Male Fissure - Undyed?? - Credit: A Famine

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    *collapses* Oh my god that was tiring..

    Okay, again, please don't spam this thread!!

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    GWOnline.Net Member domer's Avatar

    Male Fissure - Undyed?? - Credit: A Famine

    When you say "Male Fissure" does that mean that ALL of the different types of Fissure armor look the same? Im pretty sure when i visited the Forgemaster they had druid, leather, etc...

    My question is, what type of Fissure armor is in this picture, or do they all look the same?
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    Top class thread, a great help to me as I'm trying to buy some 15k armour atm. One quick thing, though. The image link for Male Frostbound seems to be broken, so I did a search and came up with this image:


    I'm not sure if that is the male Frostbound, as it seems exactly the same as the other furs. Perhaps there will be an update soon, but kind of dissapointing imo.


    This link shows an archive for all armours of relative expense. However, this content is old and the chances are that these images no longer apply in a number of instances, still, if there has been no update on it, you are likely to find it here I guess.


    EDIT: This must be recent, as the 15k Gladiators and Druids look the same as the stuff just implemented today (not sure about the Druids, I am 100% on the Gladiators), but how the hell would this guy get screenies of them so quickly? The build has only been out for a couple of hours at time of posting.
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    Lancelot of the Lake


    Female Druid's Armor - Undyed?? - Credit: haaat

    I want to say that this Female Druids Armor is 1,5k and not 15k!
    Me myself have the 15k version for 3/4 complete, when I'll get my set complete I'll make screenies and send em here...

    Freya Hawkeye (R/Mo20)
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    GWOnline.Net Member


    about the sticky 15k armour thread

    1st, many thanks to snow,

    but some link didnt work, i cant see the female darkascale & studded :(

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