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    Yeh, I've had a fair few people point out the picture is 1.5k. I've requested this before and I'll do it again now, if anyone has (or is about to buy) 15k male drakes then take a picture like the one above (the right one of the three) undyed and PM/post in here and it'll go in the sticky :) Thankyou.
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    GWOnline.Net Member cypher's Avatar

    It isnt 15k armor but the armor is left out imo..
    its the basic leather armor you can get at armor crafter.. but imo the best looking armor ^^

    (only know how to make it clickable not direct view)

    /edit anyone got a pic of the male leather armor (not the collectors one but the one you buy from crafter)
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    i coudlint edit my post so i had to make a new reply but heres the armor full set side back front side good sized

    btw no offence but this is as close as your going to get for a long time :P i can undye my armor but only if you give me back enough cash to purchase back the dye's to put on my armor no harm done wont cost u more then 1k -2k im pretty sure thats how much the dye will be

    ( ------------- BTW --------- > Advice can anyone tell the differance between the picture up there posted and this one that im putting down here ) ? if so plz tell me which is better BTW i only edited the front and back pics

    god i love this dye ^^
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    GWOnline.Net Member Mishi's Avatar

    Just one last screenshot :

    Maybe i'll manage to get all genders in one screenshot (europe)... if you happen to have or know who has them, whisper me :)

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    oooooooooooo very nice

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    GWOnline.Net Member Perrsun's Avatar


    The Druid's Chest and gloves are dyed Black+Blue
    The Drake Pants are dyed Silver+Dye Remover
    The Boots are dyed Blue

    The Pants and boots in this one are dyed Orange and Orange+Dye Remover... I can't remember which was which, but as you can see, it doesn't matter much, since they look so similar.

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    GWOnline.Net Member XX_Machina's Avatar

    If possible, could i see the 15k Female Frost top without the Frost Gloves on? As well as the 15k Leather top without the leather gloves on? I just want to see what the tops themselves look like.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    can i request?? thanks
    uhh can i rquest for a 15k Druid Chest,Drakescale Leggings,Studded Leather Boots and collector's gloves or studded leather.

    and a uhhhh 15k Drakescale Chest,Druid Leggins,Studded Leather boots and collector's gloves or studded leather.

    just wanna see wut it looks like thanks guys ur the best! :) :)

    umm i forgot i need it male thanks

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    ringo FEAR

    take a look my armor

    got my fissure ranger with my awesome guildies, i dyed it silver+black with cheap trades, here it is

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    And here is my ranger in 15k studded leather

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