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    GWOnline.Net Member Da Bishie's Avatar

    I always loved that armor Sharkinu

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    my armour consists of the following:

    Canthan Mask (Dyed Brown)
    Deldrimor Leather Long Jacket (Dyed Brown)
    Deldrimor Sterling Leggings (Dyed Brown)
    Deldrimor Embroidered Boots (Dyed Brown)
    Canthan Gloves (1k Version) (Dye Unknown sorry!)

    my bows consist of the following skins, they work really well with the armour in my opinion:

    Vabbian Flatbow
    Forked Hornbow
    Vabbian Shortbow
    Maplewood Long Bow
    Vabbian Recurve Bow
    Windblade Spear + Asuran Shield

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    I KNOW this is like complete and utter cheating but after adding my assassin's FoW to HoM - I jumped onto my ranger and fell in love!

    So lately, I ended up playing my ranger tons just to get him to LS and then I think I'll get him FoW. The problem is that I am not enjoying the guy that much as I do the assassin, but ... just look at the pretty!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Da Bishie's Avatar

    I feel that FoW is overused but i do admit it looks good on your ranger. Very manly >.>

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    Aurora Glade[EU]

    Lore School[GWen]

    FoW overused? Then what about Ranger Norn or Ranger Elite Druid for female?

    My old mixed armor and my Halloween costume:

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    Nice halloween costume, I should see how it looks on a girl ranger.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Aoi Enishi's Avatar

    Yes, i couldnt stay away from gw, you might have thought i was gone but im not! I have just been very busy lately. So theres a couple of new things up, first of all id like to add my own WTFOMG to the new colourscheme which is absolutely horrible. Second of all, i got my ranger Ranever some new threads since her other set is a bit flashy thisone is her stealthy set. It is not yet complete, she still needs a good headgear but im looking into that. Anyway here she is, enjoy:

    And for the curious ones, yes i will be doing a proper shot of her for my art gallery.

    Edit: PS, this is my post no. 600 omg!

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    Female Ranger Norn Dyed Black/Green

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    GWOnline.Net Member Da Bishie's Avatar


    My Wintersday Gift dyed hot pink ^.^

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    Quote Originally Posted by Da Bishie View Post
    [IMG]My Wintersday Gift dyed hot pink ^.^
    A male ranger wearing hot pink? That's so Flaming Scepter Mage-like...

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