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    15k Druid's armor, dye is unknown, though I'd suspect red+orange

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    15k studded leather male and female

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    Here is Psykewne Ragnor my ranger

    dyes from left to right are

    red+black, green+black, blue+silver, blue+purple

    And my fissure armour

    dyed black+silver

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    I can CONFIRM that 1.5k frostbound IS different than 15K Frostbound.

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    indeed now i took a close look , isnt that bad...

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    Heres my Ranger with 15k Druids, dyed black
    my bow:

    Fiery Ascalon Bow of Shelter
    Fire Dmg 15-28
    Dmg +15% Health >50%
    Armor +7 Vs Physical
    Customized for 20% Dmg

    (Not green, not purple or Gold, but BLUE! .... dyed silver (looks like black gunmetal))

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lozza

    I didnt know Christina Agulira was a character model.

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    omg that ranger is wonderfull i need to get to grotto
    and get the 15k druids :love57: :love57: :love57:

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    thats not christina

    thats michael jackson

    cant you see the resemblence? the mask, the skin .. the dance moves... its obviously him

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