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    Does anyone have Druids dyed white? (female)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss Namie
    here ya go
    dif combos of fow collectors, all with collectors top

    wow nice! , i love that combo

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    Druids dyed purple

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    GWOnline.Net Member Damma's Avatar



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    Quote Originally Posted by Damma
    HAHAHa I love those names. nice.

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    15k Druids Dyed Purple

    What do you guys think ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vengeanceza
    What do you guys think ?
    Didn't know you could get druids (15k or otherwise) that bright a color. Nicely done. I'm sure you'll stand out amongst us average 'dark green' or 'silver' wearing guys and gals.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Quote Originally Posted by LordShar
    I just re-dyed my druid armor and came up with a crimson brown result:

    Wow! What an awesome colour have been saving up for Druids, can you give me any hints as to how you got it please?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Voldy's Avatar

    Heres my Fissure of Woe Black armour for my Ranger.

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    a note, MAKE THIS THREAD STICKY ALREADY! btw the fow armor is awesome

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