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    Quote Originally Posted by est assassin
    a note, MAKE THIS THREAD STICKY ALREADY! btw the fow armor is awesome
    How about you check the stickies that are already up. Possibly also read any of my replies to the other posts that have suggested the same thing in this thread.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Voldy
    Heres my Fissure of Woe Black armour for my Ranger.

    FoW looks GREAT!

    ....but does anyone dye this any other colour BESIDES black? I've only ever seen it in black/undyed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krystoffur Tarqys
    FoW looks GREAT!

    ....but does anyone dye this any other colour BESIDES black? I've only ever seen it in black/undyed.
    here u go!

    heres my dye scheme:

    i don't have drakscale 15k yet because my FoW is drakescale... i might not get it we'll see


    lol well except the last one. i looked like a clown with it dyed the g+b+s way so i made it black... when in doubt use black! hahah

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mookle X's Avatar

    Green plus blue plus silver? I might have to steal that combo from you. What does it look like g+b+s+black?

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    GWOnline.Net Member


    Fel Schlochtenberg in her 15 Drakescale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salamis
    Does anyone have Druids dyed white? (female)
    Here ya go...well almost, not got the 15k boots on though (I do have them) coz I think the 1.5k look better, but you get the idea. I'm aiming for FoW boots and gloves some time in the near future.

    I've seen a number of other rangers with the same "white" so I guess this is a white as it gets.


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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewf

    OH NOES!!! i mispelled "Graygore"
    I really like it and went to go get my Leather Vest, one question, Does the loss of 3 energy make a big difference or a differencce at all ?

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    Full Black Dyed 15K Druids + FoW boots, now saving money for the legs

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    15k Frostbound, dyed blue+dye remover =)

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    GWOnline.Net Member draugaer's Avatar

    Here is my ranger, full set of 15k Drakescale dyed silver. I'm most proud of my bow... Even though it dosn't look like much it is pretty much top-notch. Plus it matches my armor

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