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    Better late than never, me and my guildie Judge Smales post Forgemaster back in June. We ran right to LA to play with dye colors.

    Here's Rydia playing in her FOW somewhere outside Lion's Arch.

    My friend Sai (the richest guy in Guild Wars) on his necro with me and my guildie Zara post Forgemaster. This was his first set of FOW (I finally convinced him to get a set). This pic was a few weeks ago, Rydia's had her FOW since June, but I didn't get a good snap of her with the Forgemaster himself.

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    OK. I have a request.

    Can someone please post a pic of 15k Male Ranger Primeval with FoW pants.

    I'm interested in starting to see how the mixes look.

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    sunspear mask, elite sunspear vest, the rest ancient, all dyed orange

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adrianna Of Draken View Post
    Hmm, so why the hell are we the only forum that doesn't have our 15k thread stickied?
    Hahaha! That is too funny cuz I was thinking to myself just 2 minutes before I read this thread that I should maybe write a private message to the moderators to ask why Ranger forum is the only forum to not have the armor thread stickied...

    Imagine that.

    So yeah. Why is that?

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    Yeah, there is one. It helps to read the stickies before asking questions ;)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tara Amarie View Post
    @ Legeon

    thats drakescale 15k right? it looks SO awesome in this pic... if I hadnt seen it in game I'd say this was best looking armor in the entire game

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    Quote Originally Posted by mss smwht View Post

    Yeah, there is one. It helps to read the stickies before asking questions ;)
    Actually I did see that post several times, but it is not the same as the other professions' forums where everyone can "show off" their character in their new duds. Ranger forum is the only one in which that thread is not stickied.

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    I have a request i know your not supposed to but is see ppl do it and well id like to see what i want to see before i spend 100k on my set.

    I'd like to see the following on a male ranger
    Head: Ancient

    dyes do not matter but i would prffer sumthing brighter (not black)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malhavoc Shadowlord View Post
    Here is a quick screenie of my recently purchased male ancient armor, dyed black.

    curious, for the ranger ancient armor, oes the skull/horn appear as part of the body or as part of the gloves? i would like to mix that cloak with some tyria 15k and such....

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