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    judging from that picture i'd say the helm looks more shredderish than the armour but it might just be me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Invader Zim
    hmmm to me the helm reminds me most of shredder, anyways either way i don't like to look of it.
    Congrats though, its always nice and exciting to get to get FoW
    I have it with my mesmer and just got the helm for my warrior during the 15k gladiator times before ch2 came out.
    Now its sitting in storage while I use the luxon and end game 15ks

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    ty, and grats to yourself female mes is one of the nicest fissures available imo. I simply don't use my mes enough to justify getting her the armour. I currently have monk, warrior and chest and arms for my necro. I am debating wheter to finish my necros set as i'm not sure i like the legs and boots for male necro.

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    Could anyone post a picture of 15k luxon dyed *edit : much preferably male* electric blue? (3Xblue + green)

    also, as a side note, i know zodiac items are dyable but if i die the sword + shield with the same recipe, should match my armor right?
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    Here's my Warrior in his recently acquired FoW armour. I wasn't too keen on black because it is too overused and silver was a bit boring, so er, until I see a good combo I'll stick with this.

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    So I recently decided to remake my Warrior now that I have the slots for it. I've already started to think about her 15k so a little request please:

    Female 15k Kurzick chest, gloves, and boots with 1.5k leggings and helmet.

    Thanks to anyone who can show this.
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    Got it yesterday, 15k platemail dyed black. Along with an exalted aegis and shinobi blade dyed black.

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    Just got it.

    15k gladiator dyed red.
    15k platemail helm dyed red.
    runes and shiz

    I also have the 15k ascalon helm dyed red but the red's don't seem to match.

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    thinking of adding a dye
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    Vissious Blade
    Another warrior in generic Kurzick-dyed-black:

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