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    15k Canthan Female

    15k Female Canthan Dyed black - just love it but not sure on the Nike trainers and the only helm I've ever liked is the female 1.5k plate which I'm not sure goes with the canthan - may have to go buy one to see....

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    GWOnline.Net Member liamSlayer's Avatar

    ok now iam going to have to make a female warrior

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    All these armors are pretty good. I reckon the 15K knights armor (whenever they bring it out) should look like what "Warmaster grast" and all them wear. It's really cool for knights armor

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    Chest - 15k Gladiator - Blue
    Leggins - 15k Gladiator - Blue
    Gloves - 1.5k Wyvern - Black
    Boots - 1.5k Wyvern - Black

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    I just wanted to say...that I think that the whole kurzick 15k is overrated....imao I would take any set of 15k from Tyria before i even would think about getting it..just what i think...i own all of the tyria sets and i'm quite content....
    And i have fow...so why would i want anything lesser hehe.

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    Does both 1.5K and 15K Kurzick have a Thong?

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    Yeah, Kurzick armour has the whole "thong" thing going on, which doesn't look too nice on armour IMO. I created a Warrior quite recently as a Tyrian, because I didn't have a lot of Warrior skills unlocked. However, every male needs to outfit their Warrior in 15k Glads. Only bad thing is the male Warriors start doing the creepy dance behind you. ;(

    Next up - 15k Wyvern. o.O

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    Glads 15k, dyed silver + green
    The boots are 15k Ascalon, but you can't see them ):

    Luxon 15k, dyed silver

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    15k glads dyed silver

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    I know that this will sound out there.. but here's my request if anyone has it handy..

    Female Warrior

    Fissure Helm (or no helm if you have the rest but not this)
    15k Canthan Chest
    1.5k Kurzik Leggings (and/or 15k)
    Fissure Gloves
    Fissure Boots

    Thanks in advance. ^_^

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