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    GWOnline.Net Member Kyshen's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Longasc View Post
    Very nice combo! You should tell ANet that you want +1 Sword/Axe/Hammer helmets as well. I really dig the 15k Plate Helmet.

    But why do you want to go for Primevil Armor. This one is already nice.
    yeah, a +1 hammer helm would of been nice, the strength isn't so bad, and the bonuses on the platemail are awesome for tanking.

    I like the primeval armour, that's all that can be said, it suits my tastes and will look great with my hammer.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Mog Wai's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Malhavoc Shadowlord View Post
    New dye combo :)

    Good looking setup. One of the best I have seen. Now only if you could apply dye to an Eternal shield ;).

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    The humble 1K Istani set mixes well with a lot of things.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Healia Exe's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Astro Hikaru View Post
    here we go. after so much considerations of crafting the primeval armor, went with the elite sunspear instead. wish it had more dyable parts though.

    Looks really awesome dyed yellow, good choice. I was also thinking about buying the primeval, but I'm also going to go for the 15k sunspear. I think primeval doesn't suit a hero because it makes you look like the bad guy. Don't misunderstand me, I do think it looks awesome it's just not my style. Real heroes have blond hair and shiny armor... not? =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by yhm View Post

    Finally make up my mind and craft it.
    which axe is that?

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    shadow axe, it drops in the domain of anguish

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    Kurzick 15k mixed with Sunspear 1K
    (actually 20gp, Kamadan)

    As Kurzick 1.5k/15k and Sunspear 1k/15k share the same model they combine really well.

    I did this test to finally get an idea which armor to buy:

    Sunspear 15K? Sunspear 1K?
    Is the difference worth 14k?

    Which helmet? Keep the Kurzick helmets or buy 1 or 15k Sunspear Helmets?
    Or simply wait for Chapter IV?

    I fear till I have decided, Chapter IV might already be announced.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Kyshen's Avatar

    the kuzzer armour and the sunspear doesmix nicely. hope you find a good combo. :D

    and here's my warrior resplendent in his Primeval, with Rusted Metal dyestuffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arutima View Post
    shadow axe, it drops in the domain of anguish
    I got one today outta the wintersday chest in the Domian of pain :)

    Anyone sporting elite sunspear dyed black?

    Edit: Nvm, i found a pic on pg 127.
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    My warrior Lucia Navar with her new elite sunspear armor dyed in gold, with a cute 20/20 sunder dmg 15^50, def +5 desolation blade, that i got from one of those desolation keyless desolation chests =D

    Doing THE dance

    that's all... getting ancient, soon

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