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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed

    Female Gladiator - Undyed - Credit: Fire Childre
    I believe thats the fissure armor, NOT the gladiator armor, which doesn't have unique art currently.

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed
    Warrior Fissure - Undyed - Credit: Nidhugg
    (You can also see the Necro fissure)

    Male Gladiator - Black - Credit: Dralspire

    that warrior with the fissure armor nice.....MAN I WANT IT..

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    FYI, The art for 15k Gladiator (male and female) hasn't been 15k-ified yet, so that pic is identical to standard Glads available as early as Yaks Bend.
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    I want my pic in here too :clap:

    15k Dragon Armor dyed yellow+green:

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    yeah what i want to know is what is the type of fissure armor that is quoted above. i wanna start saving for that one...btw if anyone knows tha materials needed for it post it here for me or pm me. thx

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    All the Fissure armors have the same look, this be the crafter:

    Took me like 3 hours to get to that guy :(

    Anyways, the last 2 matrials on each piece are Ectoplasm and Obsidian shards, I'm sure you recognise the rest ;)
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    TriSword Typhoon

    Dragon armor

    Where can you get dragon armor and can someone show me a Screen shot of one ty.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by TriSword Typhoon
    Where can you get dragon armor and can someone show me a Screen shot of one ty.....
    Dude, did you even read the first page of this thread? One of the first posts is a pic of dragon armor. you can buy it at Granite Citadel.

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    Here a pic of my lovely 15k ascalon armor dyed pink

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    armor fissure:((((so niceŽmy dream armor:(

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